Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program

Ex-Rutland mayor highlights ‘true faces’ of refugee resettlement

With the future of a program to resettle Syrians and Iraqis in Rutland uncertain, supporters gathered for a film and discussion on the travails refugees face.

More Syrian refugee families cleared to resettle in Rutland

Seven families have been cleared to arrive by the end of September, although President Trump’s actions create some uncertainty. The city is also looking at how many refugees to take next year.

New Trump order fuels confusion about Vermont resettlement

The Vermont refugee program director had more questions than answers, and Rutland Mayor Chris Louras said Monday’s revised order doesn’t raise his hopes of welcoming more Syrians.

Court reversal means refugee resettlement will resume in Vermont

The Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program is expecting 13 Bhutanese refugees to arrive in Vermont today.

Refugee resettlement office set to open in Rutland

It will be fully staffed with three full-time workers later this month, say officials, who expect the first refugee families to arrive in January.

Providers prep for refugees amid post-election uncertainties

A network of Rutland area educators, health care providers and others will meet for the first time this month. Their work is shadowed by questions about what the election of Donald Trump means for plans to resettle Syrians and Iraqis.

Rutland supporters of refugees rally

The public debate over resettlement may be over, but divisions within the community remain.

State Department approves Rutland as new home for refugees

The first Syrian and Iraqi families are expected to arrive in mid-December or early January, according to an official with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Leahy calls for more resources for refugee settlement sites

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he has input on the administration’s decision to take in more refugees from Syria and elsewhere next year. Rutland could be one of their destinations.

Special report: Rutland, refugees and lessons from Limerick

The Irish city is implementing the same 100-person Syrian resettlement that is proposed for Vermont — with a few key differences.

Attorney’s report details steps that led to refugee plan

The document, the result of an investigation into Mayor Chris Louras’ actions, has been made public. The city attorney says the issue isn’t a legal one, but rather political.

Guest speaker for Rutland group stokes worries about refugees

Philip Haney’s claims about Muslim threats to the country have been widely circulated on conservative websites.

City attorney clears Rutland mayor in resettlement efforts

The much-anticipated review of the mayor’s actions in selecting Rutland as a potential site for up to 100 Syrians and Iraqis to resettle was emailed to board members Sunday night.

Rutland city aldermen want State Department to disregard mayor’s letter of support for refugees

The aldermen not only ask the State Department to disregard the mayor’s letter of support but “any and all previous letters of support.”