Vermont legislature

The Deeper Dig: Pot or not?

Gov. Phil Scott wants to have it both ways. In this week’s podcast, Elizabeth Hewitt, reporter for VTDigger, and Neal Goswami, of the Vermont Press Bureau discuss the future of legalization in Vermont.

Legislative Wrap: Lawmakers respond to a mental health system in crisis

Health care reform took a back seat this year as lawmakers grappled with shortfalls in the state’s mental health system.

Legislative wrap 2017: Courts and corrections

Lawmakers addressed marijuana legalization, immigration, sexual assault and more.

Upper Valley officials react to rejection of marijuana legalization

Former state’s attorney Bobby Sand said it was “the most hopeful bad news” he’s heard lately, while Hartford Police Chief Phil Kasten said he was “very grateful” for the veto.

UPDATED: Scott vetoes pot legalization, but says he’s open to compromise

He said the legislation does not sufficiently address his concerns about driving safety, youth access and more. But he suggested he might accept a revised version.

James Maroney: Rebalancing the state’s dairy industry

The conventional dairying model derives its “efficiencies” from discharging its wastes into the environment, which is the principal reason why Lake Champlain has been polluted for the past two generations.

Nuclear advisory panel realignment stalls

Senators balked at boosting Windham County’s legislative representation on the decommissioning panel. But the citizen panel’s chair says she’ll keep lobbying for changes.

Governor signs two mental health bills into law

Gov. Phil Scott has signed into law two of the several mental health bills the Legislature passed this year. Scott put his signature to H.230, which allows minors to consent to outpatient mental health counseling, and H.184, which directs the Agency of Human Services to research the causes of suicide. He signed them Wednesday without […]

John McClaughry: Seizing the teacher health insurance opportunity

Scott needs to drop his hasty, late in the game proposal to have the state (him) negotiate with the union. Then we should do what we did with teacher retirement in 1946.

Margolis: How to win by losing

Scott has been in the enviable position of looking like the governor who is trying to cut taxes. Being the governor when the state parks shut down for even a few days is a very unenviable position.

Smith: The political big one

The worst thing for a party, even one as strong as the Vermont Democrats, is to have working families and small businesses feel they are taking a back seat to a special interest group.

Paul Cillo: More state control is not the answer

The governor’s simplistic and unnecessary proposal created chaos in Montpelier and put the Legislature two weeks beyond its scheduled adjournment.

Vermont Legislature 2017: How a sleepy session turned stormy

Lawmakers, lobbyists and the media were complaining the session was boring until Gov. Scott rolled out his proposal to negotiate with teachers statewide over health care benefits.

Legislative leaders criticize Gov. Scott’s promised veto

The leaders of the Vermont House and Senate said they have directed their caucuses to get some rest. Meanwhile, the governor sought to assure Vermonters that he would not allow a government shutdown.