Vermont legislature

Senators push regulators for progress on medical pay parity

Insurers still pay hospital doctors more for the same procedure than those who are self-employed. “When this building gets frustrated, our inclination is to tell you what to do,” one lawmaker warned regulators.

House committee puts own spin on Act 46 flexibility

The panel accommodated requests from more than 30 House members to add more language from H.15, a bill once described as offering so much flexibility as to gut the intent of Act 46.

Senate approves racial justice oversight board bill

“This is not aimed at law enforcement alone, but recognizes issues present in the entire system,” said Sen. Jeanette White. The House addressed similar concerns via two other bills.

House panel passes scaled-back version of paid family leave

The new bill would provide six weeks of parental or family leave — not disability leave — and be funded through a 0.141 percent payroll tax on workers’ first $150,000 of wages.

Randy George: Leave program a benefit for small businesses, employees

It is far too expensive for most small businesses to afford to pay people for up to 12 weeks while they are not working.

Out-of-state prison deal may have minimum bed requirement

Lawmakers and advocates are concerned inmates would be sent away to meet the quota, even if space were available in Vermont. The state says it doesn’t intend to do that.

Hospitals ask lawmakers to judge profits, not revenue

The hospital association said members actually went over budget by $28 million — less than half of what regulators had said. State budget writers are eyeing the money hospitals get for charity care.

UPDATED: House gives approval to media shield law bill

The legislation would prevent a court, police, prosecutors or defense attorneys from requiring journalists to turn over information from confidential sources.

Monica Donovan: In Vermont, sensibility trumps fear-mongering

In an uncertain political era full of frightening headlines, it’s all too easy for detractors to paint marijuana as the gateway drug lurking in alleyways and on street corners.

Streamlined bill on pregnancy accommodation clears Senate

The Vermont Senate has passed a revised version of a bill requiring employers to accommodate pregnant women in the workplace. The Senate passed H.136 in a voice vote Wednesday. The bill now moves back to the House, which can accept the changes or ask for a committee of conference to negotiate a consensus. The new […]

Frustrated by House inaction, Senate to move on marijuana

A proposal to create a tax-and-regulate system is poised to come up for a vote Friday, although the senator behind it doesn’t expect it to become law this year.

Senate panel aims to give kids broad right to seek counseling

The Health and Welfare Committee is pushing to expand the scope of a bill making parental permission unnecessary for treatment related to sexual orientation or gender identity.

Scott rolls out lengthy ‘got it done’ list after 100 days

The accomplishments he counted include the House’s restrained budget and the settlements in the EB-5 fraud case. But “everything is harder than I thought,” he said when asked about a failure.

House again sidelines proposal on merging lottery and liquor

“We want to move forward, but there are a lot of details to work out,” the speaker said. Others saw it as an opportunity wasted for the sake of politics.