Vermont legislature

Bill Schubart: Ethics commission well worth its cost

Many Vermonters have spoken up supporting an ethics commission, but their elected legislators are waffling.

Digger Dialogue: Baruth has finger on the pulse of Act 46

School district mergers are moving forward at a brisk pace under the law, but the new chair of the Senate Education Committee says school mergers won’t follow unless that’s what local voters want.

WATCH LIVE: Governor’s Budget Address

Governor Phil Scott will give his first budget address on Tuesday, January 24th at 2:00 PM. Live video provided by Vermont PBS. to collect Vermont sales tax

Political and business leaders said the decision puts the online retail giant and small businesses on a level playing field.

Lawmakers urged to bring industrial toxins out of the shadows

A working group the Legislature convened says the state needs to do far more to monitor the use of chemicals so it can protect residents.

Judiciary differs with reform group on alimony changes

While the group Vermont Alimony Reform has lobbied for an overhaul of the state’s statute, a Supreme Court committee recommends smaller changes that don’t tie judges’ hands.

Jim Condos: Independent ethics commission is still needed

The key to our democracy is the public’s access to open and transparent government.

School sexual misconduct cases lead to scrutiny of legal loopholes

Sen. Dick Sears said he found it alarming that teachers charged with sexual misconduct could move from school to another.

Joe Benning: Guns again?

Recently a constituent said she couldn’t understand why I was against universal background checks for gun transfers.

Education chair plans deliberate approach to Act 46 changes

Sen. Philip Baruth wants to continue gathering ideas before crafting legislation. The panel has received one lawmaker’s proposal and input from the Vermont School Boards Association.

Senate panel to hold hearing on Labor-Commerce merger

The Senate Committee on Economic Development and the House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development will take public testimony on a major element of Gov. Phil Scott’s government restructuring plan. The committees will hold a hearing on whether the Department of Labor and Agency of Commerce and Community Development should be merged into a new […]

Margolis: We need both good behavior and ‘bad government’

The debate over an ethics commission rightly comes down to appearances.

State revenues downgraded by $24.6 million

The decreased revenue projections are driven by underperformance of corporate income tax.

House Democrats seek $15 minimum wage by 2022

Lawmakers say raising the wage would help the economy and make Vermont more affordable. The governor’s spokesperson said he supports other approaches to boosting pay.