Margolis: On test scores, it’s not race, it’s poverty

You want to know why Texas non-Hispanic white kids have higher test scores than Vermonters? Texas non-Hispanic whites are richer than Vermonters.

Danziger: Gone and back with the wind

The wind is free. The idea of turning it into electricity is genius. The economics of free fuel are inescapable. Yet the power corporations have managed to snatch stupidity from the jaws of intelligence. That takes real skill.

Texas judge orders delay on new rules for nuclear waste dump

Two Texas environmental groups stepped into the fray – and into an Austin courtroom — on Thursday morning and effectively ground the proceedings of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact Commission to a halt – for the time being.

Vermont commissioners set to vote for nuclear waste dump expansion, two days before Shumlin takes office

At issue is whether the Texas site will begin accepting other states’ low-level nuclear waste, in addition to Vermont Yankee’s. Vermont currently has rights to a 20 percent share of the site.

Hadden: Don't make Texas America's nuclear dumping ground

There is no room at the planned dump for radioactive waste from around the country. The WCS Compact site is licensed for 2.3 million cubic feet of waste. Texas and Vermont will need three times that amount of space to dispose of five reactors when they’re decommissioned.

Manheimer: Woah! Did I Really Just Elect Vermont’s Next Governor?

Sure. I wish AnyoneButDubie didn’t have to exist. And I wish butterflies would land on my face each morning and wake me with the flutter of their wings.But there needs to be a level playing field, and once Vermont’s Lt. Gov., Brian Dubie, hired Harris Media in Austin, Texas — a communications firm that specializes in attacking Democrats with emotionally charged, incendiary ads — he set the bar pretty low.