House works with Tax Department to find $5M in revenue

Rep. Janet Ancel, D-Calais, said the bill will not raise taxes but will increase collections by stepping up enforcement, including taking money directly from bank accounts.

Concerns about legal risk hobble presidential tax returns bill

“I am nervous about us taking this on and potentially having to defend it,” said the committee chair. The bill requiring disclosure doesn’t currently have the support to move ahead.

State tax receipts up for the month of January

The Scott administration is reporting an uptick in tax revenues for January. Receipts for the general fund were up by $3.12 million last month. Overall general fund revenues for the first seven months of fiscal year 2017 are 3.1 percent, or $24.56 million, above tax collections for the same period in fiscal year 2016. Susanne […]

Burlington School District passes $74M budget, seeks bonding measure

The property tax rate increase will be 5.25 percent if voters approve the budget. The median home owner would pay an additional $210 per year.

Airbnb agrees to start collecting Burlington tax

BURLINGTON — Starting next year, short-term rental company Airbnb will take responsibility for collecting and remitting the city’s gross receipts tax, a job that previously fell to individuals renting out their homes through the online service. Earlier this year, Vermont entered into an agreement with Airbnb requiring it to collect and pay the state’s gross […]

Despite slight November lag, general fund revenues on target

State revenues lagged slightly behind targets for the month of November, according to a monthly report from the Agency of Administration. The state netted $87.3 million in November, $2.6 million less than was expected. The shortfall was driven by underperformance in personal income tax, which came in $5.4 million, or 12.9 percent, below estimates. Collections […]

Margolis: Demonizing taxes is un-American

When Democratic candidate for governor Sue Minter suggested that the Blue Ribbon Tax Commission’s recommendations be given another look, she might as well have proposed the spread of cholera germs — judging by the reaction of the Vermont GOP.

Scott alters proposal on capital gains tax to fix campaign’s error

A $2,500 exclusion the Scott campaign referenced was not accurate. The current tax code offers Vermonters an exclusion on the first $5,000 in capital gains income.

Margolis: The politics of automobile welfare

America’s vehicle transportation system is a perverse form of socialism under which everybody is taxed so the drivers and their passengers can ride around without paying the full cost of their trips.

John McClaughry: Tax prospects for 2017

Battles over taxes never end. Here’s a quick survey of some likely tax battles of 2017.

RGA: Sue Minter Goes All-In For Tax Hikes On Vermont Families and Businesses

News Release — Republican Governors Association Sept. 20, 2016 Contact: Jon Thompson RGA Press Office 202-662-4140 [email protected] Political insider Sue Minter is doubling down on her support for increasing taxes on Vermont families, businesses, and consumers. In a recent interview, Minter revealed her support for tax hikes on more than 160 services – which would […]

Airbnb to collect taxes for Vermont rentals

Under an agreement with the state, the online platform will begin collecting taxes Oct. 1 on behalf of Vermonters who rent out rooms or properties through it.

State revenues start year below expectations

“Revenue results for the first month of the fiscal year don’t tell us much about how the year will go,” Justin Johnson, secretary of administration said.

Phil Scott’s Official Statement on ‘Lisman’s Latest Mistruth’  

News Release — Phil Scott for Vermont 2016 July 21, 2016 Media Contact: Brittney Wilson [email protected] 802-274-2722 Montpelier, Vt. — Brittney Wilson, spokeswoman for the Phil Scott for Governor campaign, today issued the following statement about Bruce Lisman’s latest mistruth: 

“Bruce Lisman is once again intentionally misleading Vermonters. As his campaign continues to slide, his rhetoric […]