Susan Bartlett

Budgetwise: Finance duo lends expertise to transition team

Trautz: “The program needs are in large part a product of history. The budget didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, there’s a history and reason for expenditures over time.”

Video + story: Shumlin taps Spaulding for Secretary of Administration

Susan Bartlett will be a special assistant to the governor; Beth Robinson will be special counsel; Alex MacLean will handle communications; and Bill Lofy will be chief of staff.

Election post-mortem: GOP losing ground in Vermont; Dean’s transition team assist deemed crucial

Davis says the Republicans are falling into a “trap”: Their base is shrinking. The GOP’s core constituents live in parts of the state where population is stagnant or falling.

Donahue: Since when are state senators above the law?

As I pulled into one of several open “visitor” parking spaces at the Secretary of State’s office, I couldn’t help but notice a car with “Senate 1” as its plate, parked squarely in one of the marked handicap parking spaces.

Five Democratic primary candidates for governor embark on "Unity" tour

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Launch a United Vision for Vermont Tour Burlington, Vt – The presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Peter Shumlin and the four other Democratic Candidates for Governor today launched their United Vision for Vermont Tour. The candidates will make seven stops throughout the state on the two-day tour […]

Welcome to political purgatory: Will Dems give Dubie an edge as waiting game begins?

The Vermont Democratic Party’s foray into the General Election gubernatorial race is on hold until a candidate emerges from the smoke.

ICYMI, on video: Vermont Democratic Party unity rally

The Vermont Democratic Party held a unity rally for the 13 party candidates for statewide races, including state auditor, secretary of state, lieutenant governor and governor. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., headlined the event.

Dems primary cheat sheet #2: A guide to the gubernatorial candidates’ stances on economic development

Though the Dems have similar policy stances, their job creation approaches and priorities differ substantially.

Primary cheat sheet #1: A guide to the gubernatorial candidates’ stances on the budget, health care and education

We point out subtle and not-so-subtle policy nuances that might help Democratic primary voters decide which gubernatorial candidate to vote for on Tuesday.

In the aggregate: A Who’s Who of primary candidates

Check out our exhaustive listing of links to profiles of primary election candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and state auditor by Vermont media outlets. Primary day is Tuesday, Aug. 24.

Business group raps Shumlin, Bartlett and Racine on 2009 votes to increase taxes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: August 20, 2010 Kate Duffy [email protected] (802) 735-8321 Survey Says: Senate Votes Prove Candidates’ Anti-Jobs Records Shumlin, Bartlett Score 0% in New NFIB Survey, Racine Scores 11% Essex Junction, VT – Senators Peter Shumlin, Susan Bartlett, and Doug Racine failed to support small business owners in Senate votes this session, according […]

In Profile: With head-on approach to state’s fiscal problems, Racine is betting he can finish first

Racine says the budget gap can be solved through government efficiencies, targeted taxes on Internet sales or junk food and careful use of cash reserves.

In the final stretch, no sure bet for Vermont’s Democratic gubernatorial primary

Garrison Nelson says the two frontrunners are Shumlin and Markowitz; Chris Graff and Eric Davis say the four strongest contenders have an equal shot at the governor’s office.

Shumlin, Markowitz are neck and neck in race for contributions; donations only $5 apart

The 2010 gubernatorial race is already the most expensive in Vermont history. The six candidates have raised nearly $3 million so far.