On video: 7 gubernatorial candidates deliver spiels to business leaders

Each candidate had 10 minutes to answer the questions, which ranged from “Is Vermont anti-business” to “What is your favorite candy bar?”

Bartlett: New credit card law will not adversely affect business in Vermont

Addressing Credit Card Fees May 11, 2010 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Susan Bartlett: [email protected] Contact John Bauer: john.bauer@ bartlettforgovernor.com or 802-279-7222 I am glad Governor Douglas did not veto S.138, the bill to allow merchants to place a $10 minimum limit on credit card purchases to become law without his signature. I agree that […]

Bartlett hires campaign field director

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 5/21/10 Contact: John Bauer 802-29-7222 [email protected] Susan Bartlett is happy to announce that Hadley Birkett has joined the campaign as Field Director. Her most recent experience was serving as Field Director for Harry Teague’s successful run for Congress in New Mexico. It was the first time that district was won by a […]

Bartlett: A plan for innovation and job creation in Vermont

Innovation and entrepreneurs have always been a part of Vermont, but so far we have failed to acknowledge them as the true job creators they could become, mainly because we have failed to see these as processes we can get good at. Just like quality processes have helped improve quality, we can grow our strengths in Innovation and Intellectual Property. Now is the time to create a culture of innovation and intellectual property that will capitalize on our strength.

Digger Dirt: Gold-digging on hold for most gubernatorial candidates

Every day between now and Aug. 24 counts for the five Democratic gubernatorial candidates. A three-week fund-raising delay could determine who breaks out of the pack first.

For lawmakers, four months of tough sledding over

Nease: “This has been kind of a bipolar biennium. Last year we had two historic veto overrides, and this year we have two historic agreements.”

Digger Dirt: Doin’ the time warp, at the Statehouse, again

The process for the Challenges for Change legislation, which will create huge shifts in state policy, has been a rush job compared with the unemployment fund fix.

Digger Dirt: Still Challenged, but getting there

Shuttle diplomacy is in full swing, and the powers that be have been heading into the Speaker’s office for end-of-session confabs. Senate Challenges spreadsheets posted.

On video: Gubernatorial candidates speak at Race to Replace Vermont Yankee rally

All five Democratic candidates for governor were invited to talk about the role they envision renewable energy playing in Vermont’s power grid.

Washington Electric Co-op to host energy forum for gubernatorial candidates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 28, 2010 Contact: Avram Patt, General Manager Washington Electric Co-op To Host Energy Forum For Gubernatorial Candidates At Annual Membership Meeting EAST MONTPELIER – Five candidates hoping to be the state’s next governor will participate in a discussion titled “Energy Issues Facing Vermont,” to be held at the 71st Annual Membership […]

Challenges 2: Bartlett, Shumlin spar over contract bids for mental health groups

With a little more than a week remaining in the legislative session, Bartlett unveiled a new Challenges proposal that evoked a sharp rebuke from Shumlin.

Senate passes $1.08 General Fund budget, kills rainy day amendment

Ten days from adjournment, senators are scrambling to find the $18 million in savings that still have not been identified under the Challenges.

Vermont Senate passes “millionaire” tax amendment, preliminary budget

The question was, how to prevent the rich from enriching themselves further through tax breaks at the expense of other Vermont taxpayers and the Education Fund.

Bartlett: New $17M hole makes budget balancing act even harder

PRESS RELEASE THE STATE BUDGET FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 4/26/10 Contact: John Bauer 802-279-7222 [email protected] Susan Bartlett: [email protected] or at the Statehouse This coming week I will bring the budget to the senate floor.  It has been a difficult year and when I was presented with an additional $17 million in deficits as the bill came […]