state bank

Richard Dunne: Open the door to a more prosperous future

The formation of a Bank of Vermont is long overdue, and will open the door to a much brighter and more prosperous future for Vermonters.

Public banking advocates release economic study

Supporters of creating a state bank released a report Tuesday examining potential economic benefits.

State treasurer prefers local investments to public banking

Beth Pearce says utilizing existing organizational infrastructure in new ways is the answer to renewed calls to study the option of establishing a state bank.

Christiansen: A banking idea for Vermont from North Dakota

While the vast majority of Vermont’s taxes and revenue goes to TD Bank, North Dakota’s funds are put in a public bank and re-invested in the community.

Pulcer: The rest of the story

I miss Paul Harvey. He would always offer more information with “Page 2 …”. He told stories about historic figures and gave us the missing piece to the puzzle with his “And now, the rest of the story” radio segments.