special education

Advocates push ‘equity’ for special education students

The debate over public funding of private schools includes whether they should have to educate all students, as long as there is room.

Data report: Parents choose public over private schools for special education

Private schools, with a few exceptions, don’t offer a full array of programs for students with disabilities.

Education legislative preview: Career paths, preschool tweaks, special ed funding

A House committee with several new members will look to continue ironing out kinks in recent education laws and tackle some emerging issues.

AG confirms education board’s rule-making authority over private schools

Not only does Title 16 of the Vermont statute “enable” and “require” the State Board of Education to make such rules, but it says by the plain reading of the language it was also the Legislature’s intent that they do so.

Marilyn Mahusky: Aiming for equity in education

The central purpose of proposed State Board of Education Rule 2200 is to ensure equity and equal opportunity for all students, including students with learning differences.

State Board of Education: Proposed draft Rule 2200

The principles driving the proposed changes are proper accountability of the state’s funds, equality of opportunity, non-discrimination, and updating of language.

Rama Schneider: Hardly the VSBE’s swan song

The ones who should be moved out of the educational policy cycle are the legislators and governors.

Markus Vogt: Independent schools intentionally different from public schools

The public education system is solely interested in the tuition funds that our small, state-approved independent school receives from the local supervisory union.

School systems set for study of special education costs, quality

Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union is one of the larger ones selected among the 10. The aim is to find ways to help all schools save money while delivering quality care.

Rick Gordon: Fairness for some can be discrimination to others

The proposed State Board of Education rules for independent schools make many worse off without making anyone better off.

William Mathis: Independent schools, special education and the public compact

While I don’t mind being labeled as the “foremost defender” of public education, John McClaughry insists on giving me full personal credit for what is a state school board position.

John McClaughry: Defend our independent schools

For years, indeed decades, Vermont’s public school establishment has regularly found ways to put pressure on the non-sectarian independent schools that receive tuition for pupils from the 90 “tuition towns.” Why?

Proposal could cut off public tuition for some private schools

Private schools would have to start accepting all types of special education students if they want to receive tuition dollars from the state education fund. A group representing independent schools is questioning the legality of the plan.

Julie Hansen: Independent schools hands tied

Independent schools are unable to serve students with learning disabilities unless the supervisory union or the district recommends that particular school.