South Royalton

White River Valley school district merger fails

Anti-merger advocates in South Royalton suggested that residents would lose their school if they voted for the district consolidation plan.

Rebecca Holcombe: Mergers leading to improved choices and options

After a long process of community conversations, the school districts of Rochester, Bethel and Royalton vote Tuesday on a merger plan.

Geo Honigford: Building a brighter future for Vermont’s students

Act 46 is not aimed at consolidating schools, rather it is intended to address the fiscal, equality and opportunity issues that our schools are facing.

Officials visit battered pocket of South Royalton

At the South Royalton High School, 80 volunteers removed 6 inches to 8 inches of mud clinging to the floor of the building and threw out everything the water touched, including band instruments, art supplies and books.