single-payer health care

Activists rally against Obamacare replacement bills

Speakers called on the governor to speak out more forcefully against Republican legislation that’s before the U.S. Senate and to press ahead on public funding for health care in Vermont.

Bruce Lisman: Single payer health insurance is bad for Vermont

I am the only candidate who has been opposed to single payer from day one.

Islam & Eng: Resuscitating single payer health care

A single payer plan cannot be executed in a vacuum. While all incumbent health care stakeholders may not be appeased, their concerns should be openly addressed.

Vermont Workers’ Center at the fore of health care advocacy

One of the key groups behind recent demonstrations at the Statehouse in Montpelier is seen as a grassroots model for those who believe in publicly financed health care.

Number of Vermonters without health insurance cut in half, governor says

About 23,000 Vermonters lack health insurance, down from 43,000 in 2012, according to a state survey. ACA and Medicaid expansion credited for the reduction.

Year in Review: VTDigger’s Top 10 most-viewed stories in 2014

The Vermont Legislature’s resolution calling for a constitutional convention to reverse the Supreme Court decision on Citizens’ United made the “front page of the Internet.”

Small business advocacy group says repeal Act 48

Vermont’s largest small business advocacy group, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) was pleasantly surprised by Governor Shumlin’s admission yesterday that Vermont simply cannot afford a single payer health care system.

Protesters demand action on single payer, condemn Shumlin’s reversal

A protest organized by the Vermont Workers’ Center sought to advance the cause of single payer health care, despite Gov. Shumlin’s decision that it is fiscally unworkable.

Special report: Emails show Shumlin administration down to the wire on single-payer financing

Internal memos raise questions about Gruber contract, governor’s use of executive privilege, conflicts of interest and 2017 start date.

Judge rules against lawmaker over single payer documents

State Rep. Cynthia Browning, D-Arlington, had sued for access to documents on the development of single payer health care. A judge has ruled the documents are subject to executive privilege.

Gruber apologizes on Capitol Hill

Jonathan Gruber, the MIT professor hired by the Shumlin administration to conduct economic modeling of a single-payer health care plan, told Washington lawmakers Tuesday that he was sorry for remarks that referred to taxpayer “stupidity.”

Shumlin to unveil single-payer plan before the new year

Gov. Shumlin will reveal details of his single-payer health plan later this month. It faces an uncertain fate in the Legislature; Shumlin would not say whether he will seek a vote on the plan in 2015.

State auditor seeks more details on Gruber’s bills to state

Auditor Doug Hoffer has requested more information about invoices submitted to the state by economist Jonathan Gruber. While he is not auditing Gruber’s work, Hoffer says the casual nature of Gruber’s billing practices raise questions.

Bare-bones invoicing, grad student work raises questions about state oversight of Gruber’s contract

Bare-bones invoices billing for rounded numbers of hours and identical invoices for two separate months have led critics to question how state officials can be satisfied the bills submitted by Gruber are accurate.