Peter Shumlin

UPDATED: Paperwork issue casts doubt on Lunge’s board seat, says administration

The governor said documentation of her appointment last year is missing. His lawyer called it “a question that … does jeopardize the proceedings of the Green Mountain Care Board.”

Nominating board gives Scott eight candidates for high court

The list includes two more names than had been put forward under outgoing Gov. Peter Shumlin, before the process was reopened under the new governor.

Don Keelan: Casualties of the Shumlin administration

2016 was not a banner year for state officials charged with watching out for the welfare of its citizens and citizens-to-be.

Nominating Board reopening applications for high court seat

Gov. Phil Scott’s counsel said Scott hasn’t looked at the list of finalists the board had prepared for his predecessor but wanted to start the process again because of the unusual circumstances.

Shumlin records taken to archive

Documents withheld from public review include the governor’s calendar, daily briefing materials, “substantive” correspondence of staff and EB-5 records.

Scott considers reopening high court nomination process

The Judicial Nominating Board has already interviewed and forwarded six candidates, but that was under the former governor, who was blocked from naming a nominee before leaving office.

ICYMI: Video of Scott’s inaugural address; Johnson’s swearing in; Shumlin’s farewell speech

Full coverage of last week’s key events at the Statehouse.

SCOV Law Blog: In the name of the court

The Vermont Supreme Court unanimously decided that under our state constitution, the now-former governor could not make an appointment to replace soon-to-be-former Associate Justice Dooley when the latter leaves his position on March 31 of this year.

Shumlin’s official portrait unveiled

The outgoing governor credited his wife with the selection of Middlesex artist August Burns.

Legislature enters ‘new world’ with leadership clean sweep

House Speaker Mitzi Johnson and Senate President Tim Ashe led a changeover in the state’s top four jobs. They identified a reduction in poverty as a priority, along with addressing budget gaps.

‘My fellow Vermonters’: A history of first words that last

Gov.-elect Phil Scott is set to repeat an inaugural oath spoken by 76 predecessors. But as his six living peers can attest, the address that follows is very much one’s own.

UPDATED: High court blocks Shumlin from naming new justice

In a unanimous decision, the Vermont Supreme Court ruled that the outgoing governor does not have the authority to fill a future vacancy.

Gov. Shumlin Appoints Dennis Wygmans as Addison County State’s Attorney

News Release — Gov. Peter Shumlin January 3, 2017 Contact: Scott Coriell [email protected] Montpelier – Gov. Peter Shumlin has appointed Dennis Wygmans as Addison County’s State’s Attorney. Wygmans fills an opening created when former Addison County State’s Attorney David Fenster was appointed to the Vermont Superior Court. The Governor will swear in Wygmans tomorrow at […]

Justices hear challenge to Shumlin on high court appointment

Attorneys sparred over whether the departing governor has the authority to name someone to fill a vacancy that won’t occur until later this year. A decision is expected Wednesday.