Rutland Herald

Then Again: Twain’s ill-fated brother did not prosper in Vermont

Mark Twain predicted his brother would not last as editor of a Rutland newspaper. He was right.

Rutland judge: State must provide bullying data to reporter

Rutland Superior Court Judge Helen Toor ruled that extracting and compiling data does not amount to the creation of a new record.

Herald retrenches as part of staff, payment overhaul

The paper is pulling its southern Vermont reporters into Rutland County, while it and its sister paper in Barre prepare to resume charging for online content.

Year in Review: Top Rutland County stories of 2016

The issue of refugee resettlement divided the small city. Meanwhile, the Rutland Herald ran into financial difficulty, and a judge weighed the constitutionality of the death penalty.

Rutland Herald makes first newsroom hire under new owners

A journalist who quit his job with a New Hampshire newspaper in September will become night editor. He said his resignation came after his publisher requested he remove information from an article about the company.

Rutland Herald and Times Argus resurrects two days of print publication

The Rutland Herald is restoring two weekdays to its print publication schedule, the first of several changes under new ownership. On Saturday Editor-in Chief Rob Mitchell announced that the Herald and its sister publication the Times Argus would publish a print edition Tuesday through Saturday beginning in mid-November. The paper is currently printed Thursday through […]

Rutland Herald, Times Argus sold after weeks of turmoil

The sale is to a longtime publisher from Maine and the co-founder of Upper Valley Press in New Hampshire.

New lien filed on Rutland Herald as sale pending

With the sale of the paper said to be imminent, a security company based in Rutland has put a lien on the newspaper’s property for what it says is an overdue account.

Nelson leaves Rutland Herald

The move comes in the middle of negotiations to sell the company.

Sales rep who raised questions fired by the Rutland Herald

Valerie Broughton said she was terminated after she asked about the status of her paycheck. Herald officials said clients had complained about her.

Former sales executive puts lien on Rutland Herald property

Carlene Kenney discovered that her commissions were being incorrectly calculated and that she was owed back wages.

UPDATED: Mitchells sell Rutland Herald and Times Argus to out-of-state buyers

The agreement to sell the paper came as a surprise to newsroom staff who had been told at a meeting on Monday that the paper was not for sale.

Rutland Herald staff given reassurances but few details

The gathering with top managers had been repeatedly delayed in recent days as concerns about the company’s finances and ability to pay its reporters, delivery drivers and freelancers rippled through the Herald and Times Argus newsrooms.

UPDATED: Mitchell fires Rutland Herald editor

Several full-time employees have had their checks bounce and have not received a clear explanation from Mitchell.