Ron Krupp: Killings by police

My experience was just a small reminder of how careful today one must be around the police.

Ron Krupp: The garden season of 2014

This was a bumper year for tomatoes in my garden, and most of my vegetables grew with abandon.

Ron Krupp: Garden immigrants

Today, many new immigrants to the Green Mountains arrive with detailed knowledge of the plants and seeds of their homeland.

Krupp publishes new book

Ron Krupp’s new book The Woodchuck Returns to Gardening is out.

Ron Krupp: The great American chestnut

At one time, Vermont was home to a number of American chestnuts, often called the queen of the eastern forest.

Ron Krupp: Farm and food initiatives flourishing

The Farm to Plate initiative is designed to boost the food and farm economy in Vermont.

Human urine collected for agriculture use

Can I put human urine in my compost pile or share it with others? The answer is yes and are you looking for a new source of fertilizer for your garden? Again, the answer is yes.

Krupp: Healthy food alternatives

In Vermont, there are many farm and food projects taking place from farmers’ markets, and upscale restaurants serving local food, to food hubs and CSAs.

Krupp: A right to know what’s in our food

It’s said that 75 to 85 percent of all non-organic processed foods that line our grocery shelves contain genetically modified ingredients.

Krupp: A new march on Washington

We need to have “A New March” on Washington, where millions will take to the streets for a vision to “Put People First” in the richest country in the world.

Krupp: Addiction to addiction

The food industry’s goal is to get people hooked on foods that are addictive, convenient and inexpensive. … Coca-Cola and Doritos won their success with complex formulas that tells the brain to not stop eating. It’s called the “bliss point.”

Krupp: What do we get for all our health care spending?

When I asked Fletcher Allen how much the ad costs, they didn’t know. When I asked them why they ran the ad, they said they wanted to let people know the good work at the hospital. When I asked them about the high salaries of administrators, they said they had to stay competitive.

Krupp: Millions being spent to defeat California’s GMO ballot proposition

California’s Proposition 37 requires the labeling of all food products containing genetically engineered ingredients commonly called GMOs.

Krupp: Food speculation

Studies show that American families spend on average 13 percent of their income on food whereas in 1950 the figure was closer to 25 percent.