Ron Krupp

Ron Krupp: The future of hydroponics

The idea of accepting soilless growing as an organic method has become very controversial in organic circles.

Ron Krupp: The winter garden

More and more, the yard and garden are seen as year-round havens for a host of pollinators and other inhabitants.

Ron Krupp: Waste not

A scathing new report calculates that half of all the food produced in the U.S. alone goes to waste.

Ron Krupp: An effort to bring an end to hunger

Many food shelves around Vermont are providing local healthy food to people in their food shelf markets and soup kitchens, but it’s not enough.

Ron Krupp: Ali quote speaks to gardeners

The death of Muhammad Ali resurrects a sweet childhood memory of the great fighter, whose famous quote, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” now holds a special meaning for gardeners.

Ron Krupp: Brown thumbs

For too many aspiring gardeners, life in the backyard can be a string of disappointments.

Ron Krupp: A garden in every Vermont town

Among the most exciting gardening innovations I’ve seen in recent years are the “teaching gardens” run by the Vermont Community Garden Network where new participants learn the A to Z’s of basic organic gardening.

Ron Krupp: The wonder of Alburgh Dunes and Bog

As the cold advances and snow arrives, I like to reflect back on my favorite warm weather moment – the trip I took this summer to the Alburgh Dunes and Bog.

Ron Krupp: Climate change is here to stay

Ever since Tropical Storm Irene flooded the slopes and valleys of Vermont, we’ve been much more aware of how climate change is affecting our lives.

Ron Krupp: Giving endangered birds a chance

The Missisquoi refuge was established in 1943 to provide habitat for migratory birds that extend along the Atlantic Flyway between northern breeding grounds and southern wintering areas.

Ron Krupp: The weather of 2015, from a gardener’s perspective

Every growing season has its quirks, but this year the crabapples bloomed at the same time as the lilacs, and that is an unusual occurrence.

Ron Krupp: Riparian buffers more important than ever

A riparian buffer is a vegetated area near a stream or river that provides shade and protection from the impact of flooding and helps to stabilize an eroding bank.

Ron Krupp: The bird-friendly maple project

Turns out there’s more to maple sugaring than boiling sap into sweet syrup — and it’s all about the birds.

Ron Krupp: Medicare for all

If we truly want to provide fair and affordable health care we would pass single-payer universal health care.