Renewable Energy

PSB would cap night turbine noise below ‘levels in a library’

The board backed off somewhat from a stricter proposal before sending the new standards to legislators for review. Both supporters and opponents of wind power panned the rules.

Case closed on Georgia turbine neighbor’s noise complaint

The remaining question was whether to test inside the home of the woman who lodged the complaint, to see if noise levels might have been too high. The state decided there was no need.

Public brings its hopes and fears to hearing on turbine noise

Some say tougher standards are necessary to protect health and even lives, while wind supporters say the concerns are unfounded and the proposed limits would kill the industry.

Juliet Cuming: Renewable energy proud

If Vermont is to continue to lead the nation in forward thinking, and if we truly want to be energy independent, we need the mixture of energy technology that wind and solar provide.

Naomi Bindman: Wind needs to be part of energy mix

The proposed limits are unreasonably restrictive, and if enacted, would serve as a virtual ban on the future development of wind power in our state.

Lawmakers look to aid rural industries and economies

A new state entity would help secure funding, particularly for businesses that deal in milk, the outdoor industry, forestry, local foods, phosphorus removal technology and composting.

Vermont Yankee money fuels clean energy projects

More than $358,000 in grants will go toward renewable energy. The new program is funded by money Entergy has paid into the state’s Clean Energy Development Fund.

Sanders introduces green energy bill

Sanders’ comprehensive bill would require the U.S. energy grid to be 100 percent renewable by 2050. However, with no Republican sponsors, it is unlikely to see action.

Local conservation officials push lawmakers for carbon tax

Members of a dozen town energy commissions demanded greater leadership from state policymakers and asked specifically for their support for a tax on carbon dioxide pollution to replace or reduce other taxes residents currently pay. Lawmakers have proposed several bills this year in hopes of accomplishing this, including one that would eliminate the state’s sales […]

Hydro relicensing moving ahead, says dams’ new owner

But the company says some environmental studies still aren’t done for the Connecticut River generating stations, and there’s a “long way to go” in the process.

Companies complete sale of hydro dams

Great River Hydro LLC, a subsidiary of a Boston firm, is the new owner of hydro dams that had been owned and operated by TransCanada Corp. since 2005.

Electric buses get trial run in quest for sustainable transit

One is giving free rides on Green Mountain Transit routes. The Burlington Electric Department is using state money to help GMT and UVM try out the vehicles.

Rob Bast: Natural gas as a bridge fuel

Natural gas will provide a bridge to renewables while doing what no political effort has managed more effectively: eliminate coal plants.

Dustin Lang: Vermont — renewable energy provider to New England

If it is going to require 200 miles of our ridgelines to reach Vermont’s 90 percent renewable goal, will the remaining 400 miles be enough to save New England?