Agency of Ag urges Vermonters to ‘get what they pay for’ when heating their homes

As the nights grow colder, the Agency of Agriculture’s Consumer Protection Division is reminding Vermonters to takes steps to ensure they “get what they pay for” when heating their homes.

Mike Ryan: Propane pricing and winter supply

In the last several days a very promising new initiative has emerged in the form of a U.S. Senate bill, the Propane Supply and Security Act of 2014.

Factors that contributed to last year’s propane price volatility remain

Spikes in prices like those experienced last winter are not expected, but many of the conditions that contributed to the high cost still exist.

VFDA: Flood preparation, recovery and safety tips for heating consumers

Due to the concern over spring flooding, VFDA is offering these tips to Vermonters who heat their home with heating oil or propane.

Fuel dealer fined for retaliation against customers who filed complaint

AG’s office says Cota & Cota canceled contracts for customers who filed complaints.

Irving to pay $425,000 in consumer protection case

Attorney General’s Office finds the propane dealer was slow to refund money for unused fuel and slow to remove tanks after customers canceled service.

Mike Ryan: Update on the propane export situation

What has been accomplished so far, challenges ahead and my view of how to get to a solution.

Brouhaha over Pyrofax fees spurs new legislation to regulate propane industry

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives have introduced legislation that would change the way propane is regulated and sold in Vermont.