Rutland area ready to move ahead with marketing effort

Business promoters have chosen a Brattleboro-based digital marketing agency to lead the initiative as the city sees its population continue to drop.

Margolis: Why is Vermont so down on itself?

The state does comparatively well on measures such as health, life expectancy and affluence. But the gloom and doom caucus looks at demographic trends and sees only evidence of something wrong.

Report: 10,000 more workers a year needed to grow Vermont’s economy

The Vermont Chamber of Commerce suggests that the state should encourage tourists to move to Vermont.

Dan Jones: To revitalize Vermont, listen to the young people

Unless we address the housing and transportation needs of young people, we are just not attractive enough to them to keep the economy functioning.

Margolis: The outlook for rural Vermont

In the state’s most rural areas, jobs are scarce and in some cases, population is actually declining. But the outlook may not be as bleak as today’s statistics indicate.

George Plumb: Water pollution a result of overpopulation

We can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet, and we have already greatly exceeded those limits.

‘Hooked on Growth’ movie to be shown in Burlington on Oct. 29

The movie Hooked on Growth will be shown on Wednesday, October 29, 7-9 PM, Fletcher Free Library, Burlington. It is free and open to the Public.

George Plumb: Poverty & population

It’s time for economists and political leaders to stop saying that we have to grow the population in order to grow the economy.

Plumb: True sustainability achievable only with population stabilization, even in Vermont

…a truly sustainable population size [for Vermont] is about two-thirds of the current 626,000.

Margolis: Is Vermont’s slow population growth a problem?

It’s hard to exaggerate the connection between a population dominated by white Anglos and a population that will not grow. According to a Census Bureau projection, “the non-Hispanic White population would contribute nothing to population growth after 2030 because it would be declining in size.”