paid family leave

Steve May: In support of an imperfect option

Is living hand to mouth at a time of family crisis the best our elected officials can do for the people of Vermont?

House approves scaled-back version of paid family leave bill

H.196 would levy a 0.141 percent payroll tax on most Vermont employees to create a six-week paid family leave program.

Paid family leave bill headed to House floor

The vote in the House Appropriations Committee was 6-5, with at least one Democrat opposing it because of the tax on workers.

House panel passes scaled-back version of paid family leave

The new bill would provide six weeks of parental or family leave — not disability leave — and be funded through a 0.141 percent payroll tax on workers’ first $150,000 of wages.

Tara Hodgkins: Insurance program is the answer to family leave conundrum

As a mother, a caregiver to my husband, and a conservative Vermonter, I support a paid family and medical leave insurance program.

Aly Richards: Why we offer paid family leave

The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children believes offering paid family leave is not only good for young children and their families — it’s good for Vermont overall.

Tripartisan group introduces paid family leave bill

The sponsors say the bill would help businesses offer more benefits to their employees. Gov. Phil Scott says he would veto it if it would raise taxes and fees.

Legislative preview: Rural development initiatives, independent contractor bill top economic development list

Lawmakers will also consider legislation that would require all businesses to provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave and short-term disability coverage to employees.

Kara Casey: Paid family leave has long-term benefit

The lack of access to paid leave is putting a strain on working families, small businesses, and the overall economy.

Cecile Johnston: Paid leave a support for small businesses and working Vermonters

Because of unexpected job cuts, what should have been a happy, peaceful time to bond as a new family was anything but.

Angela Earle-Gray: Paid leave supports workforce, economy and future generations

Recently the VT FaMLI Coalition launched a campaign to establish a family and medical leave insurance program for all working Vermonters.

Sascha Mayer: State family leave program would benefit employees and employers

It’s time that our workplace policies reflected the everyday realities of working Vermont families. Paid family and medical leave is one clear way to get there.

Katie Titterton: The price of paid family leave

It’s critical to work for valuable policies like paid leave, but if we accomplish social goals by ignoring and alienating our neighbors, we are shortsighted.