Merrill Bent

SCOV Law Blog: Not cruel, not unusual

Petitioner broke into his ex-girlfriend’s hotel room and attacked her and her boyfriend with a hammer before attempting to drag the ex to a van with the intent to restrain her inside and set the van aflame.

SCOV Law Blog: Tripping over the rules of evidence

The facts underlying this case involve a harrowing attempted kidnapping in which the victim was attacked by an unknown assailant, who physically assaulted her and tried unsuccessfully to force her into his pickup truck before fleeing the scene.

SCOV Law Blog: Commonsense says reading co-workers’ email is wrong

Plaintiff was the waterfront manager of the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Burlington, and as such, was in charge of overseeing the daily operations of the city-owned Boathouse on the Burlington waterfront.

SCOV Law Blog: The Vermont split

Following several days of hearings, the trial court divided the $9 million marital estate 57-43 in favor of wife, and awarding her nominal maintenance in the amount of one dollar per year. Husband appealed.

SCOV Law Blog: Schooled in law

The SCOV finds that the record supports the trial court’s findings in concluding that husband would foster a positive relationship between daughter and wife, whereas wife had demonstrated a pattern of conduct intended to prevent husband from maintaining a relationship with daughter.