Maverick Chronicles

Maverick Chronicles: Alternative voices question the consensus

We argued that mass communication in Vermont was not a participatory process. “It is a one-way circuit through which limited, often ephemeral data is provided from centralized sources …”

Maverick Chronicles: The years of living bureaucratically

Throughout the Watergate era – from John Dean’s 1973 break with the president, through Nixon’s resignation and the eventual coverup trial in late 1974 – I worked and studied harder than at any time in my life.

Maverick Chronicles: Living with polarities

My first newspaper expose was titled “Welcome to Carrigan Lane.” The article let poor tenants speak for themselves. It also pointed out Bennington had no housing codes.

Maverick Chronicles: Bennington holds a culture war

The opening shots of a “moral majority” curriculum war had been fired. What I saw over the next months was depressing but instructive.

Maverick Chronicles: Coming to Vermont

For reasons hard to fathom even now, I declined offers from Universal Television to write scripts and from CBS to intern in the New York news department. What can I say? It was the ’60s.