Margaret MacLean

House ed committee kills consolidation flexibility bill

The bill would have allowed greater flexibility to respond to Act 46. The panel voted it down 9-2 after a brief revival.

Margaret Maclean: Partnership over paternalism

Whether the state will choose partnership and collaboration with communities in order to achieve the goals of Act 46 — or choose to entrench in rigidity will be decided in what remains of the legislative session.

Margaret MacLean: Act 46 denies Vermont’s culture, geography and history

It was never talked about openly during the last legislative session, but it was decided that the solution to the problem of declining enrollment and escalating cost was to be laid at the door of our smallest, most rural communities.

Margaret MacLean: H.361 is not what Vermonters asked for

I am not sure when we lost sight of the prize, an excellent equitable education system at a cost that hard-working Vermonters can afford.