Lake Champlain

Farm pollution documents to stay public, at least for now

Instead of exempting the nutrient management plans from Vermont’s public records law, legislators called for a study group.

Agriculture Agency wants farm pollution documents to be secret

Environmentalists argue that Vermonters ought to be able to see how their money is being used to benefit Lake Champlain.

Lawmakers look to aid rural industries and economies

A new state entity would help secure funding, particularly for businesses that deal in milk, the outdoor industry, forestry, local foods, phosphorus removal technology and composting.

House extends water cleanup funding, diverts $1M a year to housing

The bill extends a fee that funds Lake Champlain cleanup in perpetuity.

Deal would redirect tax revenue from lake cleanup to housing

The agreement between the governor and legislative leaders comes after prolonged talks on how to pay for a $35 million housing bond. An environmental group blasted the deal as “shameful.”

LCBP and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Invite Letters of Request for Watershed Restoration Projects in the Lake Champlain Basin

News Immediate — Lake Champlain Basin Program April 6, 2017 Contact: Meg Modley, LCBP Aquatic Invasive Species Management Coordinator, (802) 372-3213 or (800) 468-5227 Grand Isle, VT – The Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP), in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), is soliciting Letters of Request for watershed restoration projects. The Lake […]

U.S. Senate budget deal ditches Trump plan, spares Vermont programs in 2017

Trump wanted to take an axe to important government services in Vermont, from Lake Champlain cleanup to agricultural assistance.

Alarms raised about herbicide runoff as planting season nears

Atrazine has been found in streams at many times the levels that kill aquatic plants, a study says. The Agency of Agriculture calls the risk overblown and says farmers use atrazine properly.

UVM study: Lake Champlain is saltier

Salt in the lake can promote the spread of blue-green algae, according to scientists.

James Maroney: Conventional farming precludes clean lake

How does your suggestion to farmers that a few adjustments to their protocols will attain a clean lake and permit them to continue to push for maximum corn and milk yields, make any sense to anybody?

Corrina Parnapy: Green lawn care helps keep waterways clean

In the Lake Champlain watershed there is an increasing concern from excessive nutrients flowing off of lawns, impervious surfaces and farmland, thus impacting our aquatic ecosystems.

Nature Conservancy Releases Results of Lake Champlain Basin Dam Study

News Release — The Nature Conservancy April 4, 2017 Media Contact: Eve Frankel, The Nature Conservancy, [email protected], 802 595-5000 Conservancy Develops Ecological Dam Screening Tool to Identify Dam Impacts on Vermont’s Waterways Montpelier, April 4, 2017—The Nature Conservancy has published the results of its Dam Screening Tool for the Lake Champlain Basin. The Dam Screening […]

Advocates: State action needed now to fund Lake Champlain cleanup

Environmental advocates say a long-term revenue source for pollution mitigation needs to be put in place quickly.

Lawmakers look to bank on TDI money for Lake Champlain cleanup

Lawmakers hope to borrow against future proceeds from Transmission Developers, Inc. and put the money toward the $25 million a year needed for lake clean up.