Lake Champlain

State treasurer: Property owners should pick up tab for Lake Champlain cleanup

The state treasurer says the state needs to collect $25 million a year for 20 years from residential and commercial property owners.

Nature Conservancy Releases Water Quality Blueprint for Lake Champlain Basin

News Release — The Nature Conservancy Jan. 16, 2017 Contact: Eve Frankel, The Nature Conservancy, [email protected]; 802 595 5000 Nature Based Solutions Identified for Clean Water in Lake Champlain Montpelier, January 16,2017—The Nature Conservancy in Vermont is proud to announce the launch of its Water Quality Blueprint tool for clean water in Lake Champlain. The […]

Corrina Parnapy: The impact of road salt

We must find the balance of road salt application that protects the environment and still allows for safe roads.

Winooski NRCD Lake Champlain Basin Wide Road Salt Reduction Initiative

News Release — Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District January 10, 2017 Contact: Corrina Parnapy Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (802) 778-3178 [email protected] The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District (WNRCD) is pleased to announce our Road Salt Reduction Initiative; through science, understanding the impacts and through partnerships providing cost effective solutions to reduce road salt application […]

Environmental legislative preview: Lake cleanup and carbon tax

Leaders say they’ll pursue reduction of phosphorus pollution in Lake Champlain even though the state doesn’t know how much the Trump administration may help.

Treasurer: State can afford two years of lake cleanup

Beth Pearce says enough money is available from current revenues to cover the state’s share of the most urgent steps to cut pollution.

Ashe lays out where he plans to focus his influence

Expanding background checks for gun sales isn’t one of those areas, he says, unless it turns out to have majority support, particularly in committee.

Then Again: From horses to hockey — thrills on the ice

People have long seen the state’s frozen waters as an invitation to play, although risk was often part of the excitement.

James Ehlers: Making Lake Champlain great again

It is somewhat confounding that our new governor, with his demonstrated commitment to the economy, has no apparent plan to address the economic crisis that is Vermont’s poisoned and polluted waters.

Environmentalists ally with fuel seller in challenging ANR

The Conservation Law Foundation wants to join the fight over planned changes at Exit 16 in Colchester. The issue is water pollution, although some say it’s a proxy war over business competition.

SCOV Law Blog: Determining responsibility when land is leased

High water levels in Lake Champlain caused considerable bank erosion problems in spring 2011. The owners of land on Malletts Bay and the homeowners assocation that leased the land were at odds over who had responsibility for repairs and the consequences of not doing them.

Breck Bowden: Seeking certainty about an uncertain future for Lake Champlain

Recent news headlines have highlighted important differences in the findings of a pollution model for Lake Champlain developed by the U.S. EPA and an independent pollution model developed by a research team largely based at UVM.

UVM researchers say lake cleanup plan may be flawed

A new paper says the EPA-approved plan for Lake Champlain doesn’t adequately take into account global climate change when setting limits on pollution that feeds toxic algae blooms.

State considering ways to raise money for lake cleanup

Vermont’s cost is expected to be $1.35 billion, not all borne by taxpayers. The ideas include a fee on each piece of property, a surcharge on the income or rooms and meals tax, and a gas tax hike.