Joint Fiscal Office

New teacher contracts illustrate challenge of saving

Four of the eight agreements include the premium sharing the governor says the state can achieve. Legislative analysts say other assumptions would have to hold true for his plan to work.

Lawmakers: Scott budget proposal shorts Medicaid projection by $10M

He would put $10 million of the expected cost of the program into a reserve fund rather than incorporating it into the budget. Lawmakers say that threatens to undermine the forecasting process.

State’s Medicaid enrollment lowest since 2014

The reduction is said to be due in part to an effort to confirm eligibility based on income.

Revenue downgrade of at least $10 million expected

The Joint Fiscal Office says receipts could be off as much as $32 million. Corporate taxes are soft, but personal income taxes have been slightly higher than expected.

Scott’s team begins taking over state budgeting

The Joint Fiscal Office projects a budget gap of between $50 million and $70 million in fiscal 2018.

Margolis: Vermonters need to smoke more

Well, OK, maybe encouraging more smoking is not the wisest policy. But the slow growth in those revenue sources helps illustrate a little-noticed reality about the state’s fiscal dilemma.

Joint Fiscal Office points to unanswered questions on all-payer model

The Green Mountain Care Board could vote to sign the all-payer agreement as early as today.

Three companies bid to write Vermont Health Connect study

Three companies are bidding on a contract to analyze what’s wrong with Vermont Health Connect and how the state should move forward with the embattled health care exchange website. The companies are Health Management Associates (based in Massachusetts), Pilot Healthcare Strategies (based in California), and Strategic Solutions Group (based in Massachusetts). The Joint Fiscal Office […]

Budget Watch: State employees, Medicaid likely to take a hit

Expect to see some drastic changes to the budget next month. The elimination of an entire program, for example. Or the reconfiguration of the state workers contract. Or a reduction in Medicaid spending. It’s possible the governor and the Legislature will consider a combination of all three.

Administration claims interim budget cutting power

This year’s budget adjustments and next year’s budget will have to wait till the Legislature reconvenes in January, but the Shumlin administration plans to address current revenue shortfalls by cutting spending without legislative approval. State lawmakers are questioning whether the administration has the authority to do so.

State technology overhaul behind schedule; could affect single-payer launch

Completion of Medicaid information system vital to launch of Green Mountain Care, Legislature’s fiscal analysts say.

Legislature to hire consultants to help weigh health reforms

Legislature appropriated $800,000 to spend on health reform consulting services over the next two years. Administration also booking consultants.

At least six minimum wage plans swirl around the Statehouse

A half-dozen proposals are afoot for raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour or higher. The difference is mostly in how quickly each proposal gets there.

House rejects phase-in of minimum wage hike

Vermonters earning minimum wage would see a $1.37 an hour pay increase on Jan. 1 under bill endorsed by the full House on Tuesday.