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University of Vermont Health Network urges coverage protection

News Release — The University of Vermont Health Network July 20, 2017 Contact: Michael Carrese (802) 847-2886 UVM Health Network Urges Protection of Coverage as National Debate Continues Preserving Access to Quality Health Care Must Be Cornerstone of Any New Legislation BURLINGTON (VT) – After the collapse of the latest effort in the U.S. Senate […]

Savings announced from new health plan for retired teachers

State Treasurer Beth Pearce said Thursday that her office has completed negotiations for a contract to provide health insurance to retired teachers in the state. The one-year deal will save the state more than $550,000, while also saving retired teachers over age 65 a total of $110,000, according to Pearce. That’s because it reduces premiums […]

Greg Marchildon: Better care? Hardly

For the people of Vermont, Medicaid serves as a critically important safety net, even a lifeline.

Mark Depman: Treating the whole patient

It is time to start looking at emergency room visits not as isolated health care incidents, but as opportunities to connect.

Vermont leaders praise health reform work

News Release — Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Services July 18, 2017 Contact: Judith Stermer [email protected] 802.505.0699 Vermont’s Governor, Congressional Delegation and Legislative Leaders Encourage Thoughtful Federal Policy, Praise Vermont’s Health Reform Work Montpelier, VT – Yesterday in the Governor’s ceremonial office, Vermont leaders from all major political parties encouraged the U.S. Senate to […]

Leahy reaction to latest health care plan

News Release — Sen. Patrick Leahy July 13, 2017 Contact: David Carle (202) 224-3693 Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To The Latest Trumpcare Plan From Senate Republican Leaders Senate Trumpcare 2.0 is just as bad as earlier versions and in some ways is worse. This remains a stumbling, shameful and craven exercise to pass a […]

Data dig: Spending at hospitals among highest in nation

Vermonters spend more per capita in hospitals than do people in almost any other state, according to data from federal regulators published by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Gerry Silverstein: Delivering high quality health care

Limiting health care delivery to a single monopolistic system can lead to negative and possibly unsustainable cost outcomes.

Activists rally against Obamacare replacement bills

Speakers called on the governor to speak out more forcefully against Republican legislation that’s before the U.S. Senate and to press ahead on public funding for health care in Vermont.

Sanders statement on Senate Republican health care bill score

News Release — Sen. Bernie Sanders June 26, 2017 Contact: [email protected] Sanders Statement on CBO Score of Senate Republican Health Care Bill WASHINGTON, June 26 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the Senate Republican health care plan would raise the number of people without […]

David Nunnikhoven: Republican health plan taking us in the wrong direction

Instead of improving access and lowering costs, the GOP plan puts health care out of reach for working families across Vermont and the United States and jeopardizes protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Leahy reaction to Senate health care plan

News Release — Sen. Patrick Leahy June 22, 2017 Contact: David Carle (202) 224-3693 Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To The Senate’s Trumpcare Plan We’re finally seeing why Senate Republican leaders have been hiding their shameful Trumpcare bill for so long. With no hearings, no debate, no vetting process, and no score, this plan breaks […]

Christopher Bray: A productive decision about health care

The governor proposes to take away the right to bargain, between employers and employees, over health care — certainly an essential part of “terms of employment.”

Faisal Gill: Scott setting dangerous precedent

Vetoing the budget has grave consequences. Without a budget, the government shuts down.