Hardwick Electric

Hardwick utility claims accountants should have spotted theft

An employee of the Hardwick Electric Department embezzled $1.26 million from the utility during the years the firm Kittell, Branagan & Sargent, Ltd. did the annual audits, according to a lawsuit.

Legislative wrap: Net metering took center stage among energy bills

Lawmakers raise cap on renewable energy projects and allow Efficiency Vermont to underwrite heat pumps.

Bill to raise net metering cap sails through House

The measure would raise the amount of energy utilities would have to include in the program from 4 percent to 15 percent of its peak demand from the previous year.

Temporary fix proposed for net-metering program

The measure would raise the cap on how much of a utility’s energy demand could be taken up by renewable projects. It’s seen as a bridge to a scheduled makeover of the program in 2017.

Recap 2013: Vermont Yankee, renewable energy caps and wind projects stir controversy

Vermont Yankee dominated headlines, but caps on net metering and anti-wind sentiment also captured the public’s attention.

Vermont Electric Coop suggests lowering subsidy for alternative energy projects

State’s second-largest utility would cut net-metering credits from 20 cents per kilowatt-hour to 12.5 cents for 10-year contracts.

Advocates protest as more utilities stop or reduce projects eligible for renewable energy credits

Washington Electric is the latest utility to hit the cap on net-metering projects. Advocates say the program is working as designed.

Issue of sustaining net metering projects beyond 4 percent cap generates legal debate

The question now being raised is whether a utility can continue to reimburse customers at a higher rate, after hitting the 4 percent threshold.

Tensions rise as credits for solar cut into utility budgets; VEC is the third utility to hit 4 percent cap

Some small utilities want to change the funding arrangement because they say it kicks the cost of maintaining the grid to other customers.

Hardwick Electric Department selects Mike Sullivan to lead municipal utility

News Release — Hardwick Electric June 21, 2013 The Board of Commissioners of Hardwick Electric Department has selected Mike Sullivan to become HED’s new General Manager, effective June 24. Mike will take over management of the municipal utility from Eric Werner, who is retiring at the end of June after 10 years as manager. Mike […]

Net metering a victim of its own success for some rural utilities

Hardwick Electric won’t accept new projects, saying lost revenue leaves it short on maintenance funds. Lawmaker says problem can be fixed.