Vermont Legislature 2017: How a sleepy session turned stormy

Lawmakers, lobbyists and the media were complaining the session was boring until Gov. Scott rolled out his proposal to negotiate with teachers statewide over health care benefits.

Legislative leaders criticize Gov. Scott’s promised veto

The leaders of the Vermont House and Senate said they have directed their caucuses to get some rest. Meanwhile, the governor sought to assure Vermonters that he would not allow a government shutdown.

Legislature adjourns facing budget veto by Gov. Scott

Lawmakers left Montpelier without reaching a resolution with the governor over his proposal to change teachers’ health care benefits negotiations. Lawmakers set aside time in late June to return to Montpelier for a special Legislative session.

Lawmakers leave teacher negotiations untouched, for now

They are sending a plan to the governor to create another chance in the future to move collective bargaining to the state level. But it doesn’t capture the savings Scott sought now.

Scott, Democrats edge closer to veto showdown

Legislative leaders united behind a new proposal on teacher health care savings while making plans to adjourn even if there’s no break in their impasse with the governor.

House coalition pushes for debate on statewide teacher health care contract proposal

A group of House Republicans, independents and blue dog Democrats support Gov. Phil Scott’s plan to absorb one-time teacher health care savings of $26 million.

House GOP ‘stands ready’ to sustain budget veto

House Republicans will not support the budget if it does not include a plan to change how teachers’ health care is negotiated.

Education finance bill emerges with tax rate boost

The Senate Finance Committee voted out a bill with higher property tax rates than the version the House passed.

Teacher retirement proposal stumps Finance Committee

A delay in finalizing the education finance bill leaves an $8 million hole, for now, in the state budget. “You don’t put cost into the ed fund lightly,” Sen. Ann Cummings said.

Lawmakers beat up on education tax system while setting rates

“Can you tell me why we can’t come up with a formula that you don’t have to have a Harvard degree to understand?” asked Rep. Ron Hubert, R-Milton.

Panel approves homestead tax rate

Lawmakers approved the so-called “yield” bill using the same formula that has been in place for the past year.