Roger Bourassa: VTANG has a future without the F-35A

There are many veterans numbered among the opponents to the basing of the F-35A, many of whom have served their country with honor with some serving during wartime, including Vietnam.

FAA offers few solutions for F-35 noise mitigation in South Burlington

The odds of the FAA funding a sound wall are slim. In order to be effective, a wall would need to be up to 60 feet tall.

Homeowners get relief from covenant preventing sale to airport

The unanimous vote by the South Burlington City Council came as officials said they continue to seek alternatives to home buyouts for the sake of noise mitigation.

Councilors, community clash over call to halt home buyouts

“If we don’t sell to the airport, who will buy it?” asked one homeowner prior to the council’s vote on a resolution seeking to end the program.

Councilors want a pause in home buyouts near airport

Residents eligible to have their homes purchased because of the effect of airport noise begged the council not to take any action that could scuttle those deals.

Green Ribbons for the F-35: Zuckerman not fit to lead VTANG

News Release — Green Ribbons for the F-35 October 24, 2016 Contact: Nicole Citro Green Ribbons for the F-35 [email protected] Nicole Citro, creator of the Green Ribbons for the F35 campaign, announced yesterday that she questions David Zuckerman’s leadership ability, if elected to Lt. Governor, to take over as Governor in any circumstances that it […]

Air National Guard to start $39.8 million upgrade at base

The Vermont Air National Guard will spend $39.8 million upgrading its facilities at the state’s largest airport. The Guard accepted a contract bid from Kubricky Construction Corp., a company in upstate New York, to replace the apron and upgrade the taxiway at its base at Burlington International Airport in South Burlington. Construction will take two […]

Burlington airport to offer final round of home buyouts

The FAA says the last round of buyouts must be offered before the airport’s home improvement noise mitigation program can begin.

Richard Joseph: ‘Save the Guard’ – The big lie

Lies have been told and repeated by F-35 basing proponents. Now, in government documents released in conjunction with an ongoing lawsuit against the Air Force, some of the deceit has finally been exposed.

Rosanne Greco: Vermont’s golden calf

Over the past few years, I’ve seen Vermonters come to worship an object made by human beings – the F-35 joint strike fighter.

Judge rules for Air Force on F-35 environmental study

The impact study gave “thoughtful consideration” to the trade-offs between the Air Force’s mission and the community’s interest in limiting noise and other environmental impacts, the judge said.

Judge to determine if Burlington site selection for F-35 was ‘arbitrary and capricious’

The Stop the F-35 Coalition says the Air Force environmental impact study did not adequately address noise pollution, potential fall out from a catastrophic accident and impacts on property values.

South Burlington to file legal brief in support of lawsuit to block F-35

SOUTH BURLINGTON — The City Council voted 3-2 earlier this week to file an amicus, or friend of the court, brief in a lawsuit seeking to block the arrival of F-35 fighter jets at Burlington International Airport until the U.S. Air Force completes environmental reviews that the plaintiffs argue were not done properly. South Burlington […]

South Burlington holding off on F-35 lawsuit until public heard

Monday’s five-hour meeting devolved into bickering between councilors as they discussed accusations that included violating the open meetings law, conflict of interest and obstruction.