Elizabeth Miller

Former state regulator now an Entergy ally

Some activists are concerned that a former state commissioner could exert undue influence as an attorney supporting the sale of Vermont Yankee.

A Q&A with chief of staff appointee Elizabeth Miller

The way that I think of the chief of staff role is to carry out Gov. Shumlin’s initiatives and missions across departments and agencies from a policy point of view.

Merger’s heavy hitters warn against legislative intervention

Louise McCarren, former chair of the Public Service Board, told the House committees to tread lightly when considering interfering with the board’s work.

Miller: State officials will kick the tires on Green Mountain Power, CVPS merger deal

Ensuring the management of VELCO takes the public interest into account is crucial, Miller said in testimony.

Maroney: Farmers need more than energy savings to turn a profit

I have downloaded the 2011 Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan. It is a monumental undertaking and I applaud your work and Gov. Shumlin’s order to ready Vermont for the coming effects of global warming on our future energy consumption. I have read only the section devoted to agriculture.

Video + Story: Shumlin releases final, “scrubbed” version of Comprehensive Energy Plan

One notable tweak in the final plan was the removal of a proposal for the state Agency of Natural Resources to remove a wind project “moratorium” on state lands.

Ratepayer group says DPS commissioner has conflicts of interest in GMP, CVPS merger case

UPDATED State senator, former officials call for independent counsel to represent state in Public Service Board review of Gaz Metro buyout of Central Vermont Public Service.

Story + video: VPIRG delivers 7,500 comments to DPS on energy plan

The VPIRG activists collected the comment cards in a door-to-door campaign across the state and delivered them to Elizabeth Miller, the commissioner of the Department of Public Service, in a publicized meeting at her office.

Green Mountain Power announces deal with NextEra for power from Seabrook

The purchase power agreement, which must undergo a state rate review, would guarantee a 4.66-cent per kilowatt hour price to Green Mountain Power customers for a 23-year period.

Video + Story: Unique collaboration, conference set stage for smart grid

Vermont would be the first to implement a statewide digitized communication system for utilities and consumers. STORY UPDATED

Brouhaha over Pyrofax fees spurs new legislation to regulate propane industry

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives have introduced legislation that would change the way propane is regulated and sold in Vermont.

Gov’s presser on video: Shumlin announces plans for oversight panel to keep tabs on management of VT Yankee

Gov. Peter Shumlin announced Tuesday the state will form an oversight panel to keep tabs on Entergy Corporation.

On video: Miller tapped for Department of Public Service

Shumlin told reporters that he deliberately chose Miller because she has not worked as a utility lawyer. He said he hired Miller because she will be an advocate for Vermonters’ priorities, as opposed to the interests of utilities.