Election 2016

Barrie Dunsmore: Trump Jr.’s emails

It cannot yet be said there is now legal proof of collusion, but such proof appears to be tantalizingly close.

Barrie Dunsmore: Firing Comey clear sign of coverup

I have no doubt that the reason behind Comey’s firing is that Trump wants to quash the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election.

Haviland Smith: Conspiracy theories sometimes supported by facts

The 17 member organizations of the U.S. Intelligence Community have said unequivocally that Putin’s Russia was involved in a conspiracy to effect the U.S. elections of 2016.

FBI chief tangles with Leahy over Clinton ‘October surprise’

“You even released internal FBI memos and interview notes,” the senator told James Comey during an oversight hearing. “I may have missed this, but in my 42 years here I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Joe Benning: Eat your peas

In the debate over the Frenier-Hatch Davis recount, Rep. Kurt Wright posed a simple question: “Madam Speaker, I know we can do this, but the question is should we?” My mind suddenly wandered back to a plate of squishy, canned peas.

Bob Frenier: Keeping the vote sacred

Democrats and Progressives in the Vermont Legislature are about to override a local election that was conducted correctly and lawfully by experienced town clerks and certified by a Vermont court.

Vermont Republicans’ Statement on House Government Operations Action to Supersede Vote of Local Communities

News Release — Vermont Republican Party January 25, 2017 Contact: Dave Sunderland 802-483-3068, [email protected] Montpelier, VT – Nearly three months after the 2016 Election, Vermont Democrats and Progressives in the State House are actively seeking to unseat Rep. Robert Frenier (R) in favor of defeated former Progressive Party Rep. Susan Hatch Davis. The facts in […]

Cyndy Bittinger: Taking action for women’s rights

Far from sour grapes over a female candidate’s loss, the Women’s March on Washington is intended to reflect wider concerns.

Gregory Dennis: What liberals don’t get about conservatives

Perhaps if we had a better sense of why conservatives see the world and vote as they do, progressives could shape more appealing policies and more effective governance.

Joseph Gainza: Together toward a greater American Dream

People born in 1950 and subsequent generations have experienced a steady decline in the percentage of those who were economically better off than their parents.

Vermont Group Makes Open Call at Statehouse to National Electors To Reject Donald Trump

News Release Dec. 11, 2016 Contact: Susannah Noel [email protected] @SusannahNoel Group Contends Trump Is Not a Legitimate President-Elect Montpelier, VT – A delegation of Vermonters will meet on the steps of the Vermont State House in Montpelier on Monday, December 12, 2016, at 10:30 a.m. to read aloud the Unanimous Declaration of the Fifty United […]

Tim Jerman: An unelected president, again

It doesn’t have to be this way. The National Popular Vote initiative is a compact of states that agree to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote in the nation.

Hayden Dublois & David Colander: A new millennial Republican agenda

New millennial Republicans are looking for policies that blend Bernie’s heart with a Republican sensibility that “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, free college, or free health care.”

Buxton-Ainsworth House contest headed for a second recount

The initial count on Election Day showed incumbent Sarah Buxton with a three-vote lead over David Ainsworth in their Windsor-1 District, but the Nov. 21 recount showed a tie at 1,000 votes apiece. Uncertainty remained over whether two Ainsworth votes had been included in that count.