Dottie Deans

Faisal Gill taking over as state Democratic chair

Vermont Democrats picked a new party chair Saturday, electing Faisal Gill to succeed Dottie Deans. Gill is the first Muslim to be elected chair of a state party, the Democrats said. Gill will serve as interim party chair until November, when he will seek a full term. Deans has stepped down, but her official term […]

Don Peterson: Partisan politics unwelcome

Dottie Deans’ comment that those who reject the governor’s renewable energy policies are ranting against accepted science is just the kind of parochial thinking that dooms meaningful progress in saving the planet from self-inflicted incineration.

Dottie Deans: The obligation to criticize

Surprisingly, Republicans didn’t find much to disagree with in the governor’s inaugural address, which was part one of a two-part agenda focused on jobs, affordability and quality of life.

Dottie Deans: Winding down and looking ahead

Vermont Democrats heard you during the election, and we listened.

Dottie Deans: A clear choice this November

The question I have is why is the Vermont GOP so focused on being down on Vermont?

Democrats fire back at GOP request for federal investigation of CGI allegations

The Vermont Democratic Party fired back Thursday at Republicans who called for a federal investigation into what they allege was fraud committed by the lead vendor in the building of the state’s health care exchange. A news release issued by Democratic Party Chair Dottie Deans accused the GOP of “putting the health care security of […]

Dottie Deans: Looking back at a year of progress

The Legislature, with a strong majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate, working with our statewide elected leaders, including our congressional delegation and Gov. Peter Shumlin, continue to move our state towards prosperity, equality and education for all.

Vermont Democrats re-elect Deans as party chair

The Vermont Democratic Party re-elected its chair, Dottie Deans, in a unanimous vote Saturday. Vermont’s political parties “reorganize” every two years, during the non-election year. This process consists of electing committee members and leadership positions at the town, county, and state level. The state committee votes to determine who will serve as chair. Deans, a […]

Lieutenant governor urges House, Senate, Obama to end shutdown

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott departs from state GOP stance, says both parties and the president are responsible for the budget impasse.