Donald Fell

Fell’s death penalty trial postponed again

Prosecutors are appealing a judge’s ruling regarding the admissibility of statements by an alleged accomplice who has since died. The trial was to have started in September.

Trying to spare Fell’s life, attorneys argue alleged killer can be ‘managed’ in prison

Prosecutors are expected to argue that if convicted he should be executed because he is a threat to others. Fell is already accused of stabbing another inmate.

In renewed push to move trial, Fell’s lawyers want Burlington

They say the results of questionnaires filled out by potential jurors show that the Rutland area skews too much toward the death penalty.

‘Rudderless’ defense gets delay in Fell’s death penalty trial

“The court has little enthusiasm for a series of short extensions,” the judge wrote in ordering a new date of Sept. 5. Jury selection had been set for Monday.

SCOV Law Blog: Appealing a firing

A state employee was fired after it came to light that he had misbehaved as a juror in the Donald Fell murder trial. The VSEA takes up his case.

Fell defense seeks further death penalty appeal, more time

If the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals agrees to review either of the lower court decisions, it could delay Fell’s retrial, which is scheduled to begin in late March.

Judge denies Fell appeal

The defense could argue that their client is entitled to a new trial because the jury selection process was unfair.

Fell’s defense wins access to files it hopes will shift blame

A judge found that Fell’s interests outweigh the attorney-client privilege of his former murder co-defendant, whom the defense is seeking to paint as the ringleader.

Judge denies change of venue for Fell trial

The defense said publicity about the case had made it impossible to get a fair trial in Rutland or elsewhere in Vermont. But the judge pointed to a survey showing impartial jurors can be found.

Jury draw set as Fell continues fight on death penalty

The defense wants to appeal a judge’s ruling letting the death penalty stand as constitutional in advance of Donald Fell’s retrial.

Year in Review: Top Rutland County stories of 2016

The issue of refugee resettlement divided the small city. Meanwhile, the Rutland Herald ran into financial difficulty, and a judge weighed the constitutionality of the death penalty.

Judge in upcoming Fell trial lets death penalty stand

U.S. District Judge Geoffrey Crawford listed a number of flaws associated with the application of the death penalty but said it wasn’t in his power to overrule the U.S. Supreme Court.

Fell attorneys seek mental health records

Defense attorneys say information about childhood neglect and abuse may serve as mitigating evidence in the trial.

Fell defense: Media have made fair trial unlikely in Vermont

A defense expert said more than 600 articles have been written about Donald Fell, many using words like “brutal” and “horrible.” The government says that doesn’t mean an impartial jury can’t be found.