climate change

Bob Stannard: One way or another

Things will be much better this year. Right?

New documentary reveals powerful transformation

Derek Hallquist was filming his father, the CEO of the Vermont Electric Cooperative, talking about climate change when the man he knew as Dad confided he was actually a woman named Christine.

Vermonters protest Trump nominees’ climate change stances

“Here in Vermont I’m not too concerned” about any need to pressure the state’s U.S. senators to oppose nominees, said one protester. “But we are standing in solidarity on what is a global issue.”

Shumlin executive order gives preference to green businesses

Businesses taking certain steps to stem global climate change will enjoy an advantage when competing for state contracts worth more than $25,000, according to an executive order signed this week by Gov. Peter Shumlin, now in the final weeks of his gubernatorial tenure. Under the order, businesses competing for state contracts may now set their […]

Darren Springer: Fighting climate change in the years ahead

There is not much hope coming from Washington, D.C. But I was reminded at a recent gathering of hundreds of Vermont town energy and grassroots leaders that there is still hope here in Vermont and in communities across our nation.

Breck Bowden: Seeking certainty about an uncertain future for Lake Champlain

Recent news headlines have highlighted important differences in the findings of a pollution model for Lake Champlain developed by the U.S. EPA and an independent pollution model developed by a research team largely based at UVM.

Sandra Levine: Climate action now

When action is thwarted at the federal level, our regional, state, municipal and business efforts have room to succeed.

Gregory Dennis: Trump and the climate change narrative

How might we alter what we say about global warming so it becomes a more pressing issue for voters?

Local global warming leaders undeterred by Donald Trump

Attendees at this weekend’s Vermont Community Energy and Climate Action Conference vow to fight anticipated opposition by the president-elect.

George Plumb: Addressing causes, not symptoms, of climate change

The primary cause of the environmental impact of climate change is the size of the population.

Justine Cook: ‘The Big Short’ in Vermont

We are destroying Vermont’s resources to “save the planet,” and the utilities are happily profiting from a new revenue stream.

Sandra Levine: Pollution vs. bold climate action

When it comes to climate change, the upcoming election poses stark contrasts that pit pollution against bold climate action.

Matt Dunne: Climate change and fiscal prudence

We must divest state assets from fossil fuels that are damaging our environment and fossil fuel companies that are clearly undertaking deceptive practices related to fossil fuels.

Jameson French: Meadowsend is part of the solution

We see the development of the Stiles Brook Wind Project as the best path to continue environmentally conscious and sustainable management, promote rural vitality, and help fight climate change.