Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield seeks $10.3M for unpaid Vermont Health Connect premiums

The insurance company has requested a total of $15.4 million over the past three years.

Plights of two Vermont Health Connect users show where problems persist

Data entered manually, as it had long been done at the exchange, could contain errors, or the requested change could get miscommunicated, an advocate said, resulting in an even longer process.

House lawmakers look to take on prescription drug companies in push for transparency

The proposal would require pharmacy benefits managers to report an aggregate dollar amount they pocket for all claims to health insurers.

Special Report: What went wrong with the state’s health care exchange, and why

Exchange defects could cost Shumlin politically, state fiscally

Video + Story: Health care leaders join Shumlin to create new cost reduction program

Instead of losing revenue when they bill for less services, doctors and hospitals will have the opportunity to share in savings if they reduce the amount of services it takes to keep a population healthy.

Shumlin administration says health care exchange website isn’t ready for small business sign-ups; allows companies to sign up for coverage directly through insurers

Tuesday’s announcement is a tacit acknowledgement by Vermont Health Connect that the small business option won’t be ready in time to sign up small businesses that still need 2014 coverage.

Blue Cross proposes 24.4 percent rate hike for final months of Catamount

Insurance firm says Catamount claims exceed premiums by $3 million since Jan. 1. The Green Mountain Care Board public hearing is on July 9.

Lawmakers side with doctors as they wade gingerly into the medical area of ‘prior authorizations’

The current legislation is considered a consumer protection bill but there is strong physician opposition to insurers requiring them to get prior permission for treatment of some medical issues or use of some drugs

New disclosures show MVP denied 15.5 percent of patient claims in 2012; Blue Cross denied 7.6 percent

The public records show that the CEO of MVP earned a total $1,250,000; the CEO of Blue Cross was paid $587,184. Cigna failed to file reports.

GMCB approves BCBS rate increase

The Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) yesterday ruled on its first health insurance rate increase request, consistent with its responsibilities under Act 48 of the 2011 legislative session.

Despite new legislation, home births not covered for some

A handful of midwives found insurance companies were not covering their services, even after legislation went into effect in October.