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The Deeper Dig: Pot or not?

Gov. Phil Scott wants to have it both ways. In this week’s podcast, Elizabeth Hewitt, reporter for VTDigger, and Neal Goswami, of the Vermont Press Bureau discuss the future of legalization in Vermont.

Sanders fails to boost Montana country singer to the U.S. House

Sanders and the Democratic Party have not yet made meaningful progress in wooing rural, working and middle class voters.

Margolis: Democracy needs a little secrecy

We need not know everything the government thought about doing but decided against, or every conversation that went into every decision.

Margolis: How to win by losing

Scott has been in the enviable position of looking like the governor who is trying to cut taxes. Being the governor when the state parks shut down for even a few days is a very unenviable position.

Smith: The political big one

The worst thing for a party, even one as strong as the Vermont Democrats, is to have working families and small businesses feel they are taking a back seat to a special interest group.

Vermont Legislature 2017: How a sleepy session turned stormy

Lawmakers, lobbyists and the media were complaining the session was boring until Gov. Scott rolled out his proposal to negotiate with teachers statewide over health care benefits.

Legislative leaders criticize Gov. Scott’s promised veto

The leaders of the Vermont House and Senate said they have directed their caucuses to get some rest. Meanwhile, the governor sought to assure Vermonters that he would not allow a government shutdown.

Scott’s three marijuana options

Though Vermont’s marijuana legalization bill has drawn national attention, the political stakes for Scott on the issue are not that high, according to an analyst.

Legislature adjourns facing budget veto by Gov. Scott

Lawmakers left Montpelier without reaching a resolution with the governor over his proposal to change teachers’ health care benefits negotiations. Lawmakers set aside time in late June to return to Montpelier for a special Legislative session.

The Deeper Dig: The $26 million question

In this first installment of a new podcast, VTDigger’s Mark Johnson and Elizabeth Hewitt break down the political maneuvering over teacher health care that led to the breakdown of adjournment.

Vermont senators praise special prosecutor appointment

Sens. Leahy and Sanders, along with Rep. Peter Welch, have been calling for an independent investigation into allegations of ties between associates of President Donald Trump and Russian officials.

Democrats link Scott’s housing priorities to budget enactment

If Scott vetoes the budget, he will be both vetoing his own housing bond and delaying the effective date of his proposed housing tax credits.

Panel finalizes state budget, paving way for adjournment

The plan reflects some of the governor’s priorities, yet he has threatened a veto over teacher benefits. “I don’t see what there is in this budget for him not to like,” said House Appropriations Chair Kitty Toll.

Hundreds of teachers, allies protest Scott’s health care plan

They characterized the plan, which the governor has said would save the state $26 million, as a political ploy to violate their collective bargaining rights.