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Shumlin administration looks to lock down agency records

Documents that would otherwise have been retained by state agencies as a record of government operations may not be available to the public or the administration of Gov.-elect Phil Scott.

Dems nominate three to complete Donovan’s term

Gov.-elect Phil Scott is expected to pick among two of Donovan’s deputies and another Chittenden County attorney to succeed the outgoing state’s attorney.

House GOP nominates Myers for speaker

Republicans, emboldened by Republican Phil Scott’s easy victory to the office of governor, are hoping for a Myers victory.

Windham Southeast preps for critical Act 46 vote

Voters in Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford and Putney will decide this month whether to allow Vernon to withdraw from a regional school district, a key part of Act 46 consolidation discussions.

Can Sanders and Trump find common ground as political outsiders?

As Trump gears up a victory tour, Sanders and his team are hammering out a game plan of their own.

Vermont recount law comes under fire

With the outcome of at least one Vermont House race still unclear, and another recount having taken longer than expected, officials from both parties have questioned a 2014 law that requires machines to be used in the process.

Welch will push for probe of Trump’s business activities

The Vermont congressman said Congress should begin investigating President-elect Trump’s financial ties across the globe.

Doyle drops recount bid to keep longtime Senate seat

The Washington County Republican said the outcome was unlikely to change. Gov.-elect Phil Scott said the decision “speaks to who he is: a public servant first and a politician second.”

Head of Rutland business group making bid to unseat mayor

Mike Coppinger, of the Downtown Rutland Partnership, touts his business experience. He also says Mayor Chris Louras mishandled the refugee resettlement proposal, although he believes the city can absorb 100 to 200 refugees.

Burlington to explore pay increase for city councilors

BURLINGTON — City councilors are exploring increasing their compensation, currently an annual stipend of approximately $3,000. City Councilor Dave Hartnett, I-North District, introduced a resolution that called for a $2,000 increase, but he stripped the dollar amount from his proposal, saying he was mostly interested in starting a conversation. The resolution was passed at Monday […]

Disagreement during recount gets party leader escorted out

The Vermont GOP’s executive director has expressed frustration over inconsistency in the process. Monday he was removed from the Orange County Courthouse after challenging a clerk, say people who were there.

Burlington council affirms Queen City’s support for immigrants

The panel adopted two resolutions: one welcoming Syrian refugees and the other moving the community toward formal policies often associated with so-called sanctuary cities.

Final tally in $13 million governor’s race sets spending record

Gov.-elect Phil Scott’s campaign spent less than Sue Minter’s did. His support from his party’s national governors association was higher, but she benefited from spending by other PACs.

Johnson is last Democrat still standing in speaker’s race

Sarah Copeland Hanzas abandoned her bid after recognizing Mitzi Johnson had more support within the caucus. Democrats meet Saturday to make their choice.