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Vermont Republicans to host New Hampshire’s Gov. Sununu

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu will be the guest of honor at a Vermont Republican Party fundraiser Aug. 31. Sununu said he’s looking forward to speaking to Vermont Republicans on the issues both states face. “As a region, we can continue to have important conversations on affordability, energy, the environment and important regional economic issues,” […]

With $5.2M on hand, Sanders outpaces rest of delegation in election fundraising

Senate incumbents in contested races in other states have war chests of $3 million to $5 million. Sanders has not had a viable rival since 2006.

Donovan leads the pack on fundraising

Newly installed Vermont attorney general has largest war chest among the five statewide candidates.

Lawmakers press FBI pick on Russian meddling, Trump loyalty

“Unless something extraordinary came out of here that I’m not anticipating, I would expect to support” nominee Christopher Wray, said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.

Margolis: Fact and Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s fiction

Needless to say, this “anti-Dorothy” flap has to be viewed in the context of other efforts to remove the names and symbols of people and causes once admired, now scorned.

Smith: Tweet is no substitute for comprehensive strategy

Keeping an enemy guessing about our intentions is one thing, but keeping the American public guessing is quite another, especially when we are talking about the possibility of war.

Statehouse lobbyists earn more than $5.5 million

The Vermont Public Interest Research Group, the Vermont State Employees Association and the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Services led the pack.

Margolis: Condos is right to defy Trump on voter info

Condos made it clear that the very premise of the commission – “that there is widespread voter fraud” – was the real fraud.

Dollars tell only part of story of pot legalization advocacy

Many familiar with the efforts say paid lobbying is just one part of a mosaic of initiatives from a variety of players.

Condos calls in attorney general to help find way to block Trump data grab

The secretary of state’s office says it is working with the AG’s office to find an exception in the Public Records Act that would let the state refuse the Election Integrity Commission’s request.

Source of Sanders bank pressure allegations says evidence is hearsay

Rep. Don Turner said the allegations arose from a conversation he had with three bankers at a Montpelier restaurant around the time the school closed.

Smith: A dangerous place for our democracy

An erosion of public confidence in the pillars of our democracy could place our entire political system in jeopardy.

Condos ‘bound by law’ to hand over voter files to Trump administration

The Trump commission has asked for the personal information of voters as part of a probe into allegations of election fraud.

Dieng wins highly contested Burlington City Council seat

Ali Dieng will be only the person of color and the second city councilor from Burlington’s new immigrant community.