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House panel to weigh in on disputed election

It is due to recommend whether Republican Bob Frenier should keep the Orange-1 seat that Susan Hatch Davis, a Progressive, held for five terms and wants back. But the House doesn’t have to follow the advice.

Hundreds gather in Montpelier for right-to-life rally

After marching through town, hundreds gathered to hear women talk about their experiences with abortion earlier in life.

Expanded photo gallery: Montpelier mobbed by women protesting Trump

Thousands came to demonstrate against newly installed President Donald Trump, who has made derisive remarks about women.

Vermonters join massive women’s march on Washington

Among the hordes of D.C. marchers on Saturday were hundreds of Vermonters who traveled by air, land and rail in their pilgrimages to the national’s capital.

Women’s march overwhelms Montpelier

Traffic around the event caused three exits on Interstate 89 to temporarily close.

Red meat and Trump: Vermonters celebrate inauguration in DC

A contingent of Vermont Republicans descended on the nation’s capital for the swearing in of Donald J. Trump as president.

Vermont Democrats rally against Trump

The executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party said the party needs to become “an activist party again.”

Expert says ethics commission could save millions

Author and attorney Michael Palmer testified that an ethics commission and codes of conduct could prevent hundreds of millions in losses for the state of Vermont.

Leahy has a quiz for Sessions on extremism, crime, Trump

Vermont’s senior senator has asked Trump’s pick for attorney general to answer 37 written follow-up questions before Leahy decides whether he will support the nomination.

Margolis: We need both good behavior and ‘bad government’

The debate over an ethics commission rightly comes down to appearances.

Price hearing turns into a battle over the future of the Affordable Care Act

Price has proposed draconian cuts to entitlement programs, including reductions over a 10-year period of $449 billion to Medicaid and more than $1 trillion to Medicare.

Scott skips Trump inauguration

All three members of Vermont’s congressional delegation will attend Trump’s inauguration Friday. Hundreds of Vermonters are expected to protest on Saturday.

Pre-clearance deal advances Montrealer train

Vermont is one step closer to reviving Amtrak train service between Burlington and Montreal.

Scott to announce government restructuring plan

The Scott administration will merge the departments of liquor and lottery, restructure IT programs and create a new agency of commerce, workforce and community development.