YWP: ‘Road’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Road” by Julia Remillard of St. Albans.

SCOV Law Blog: Felon makes appeal #4 on conviction

A Newfane man was convicted of impeding a public officer — a felony — when he confronted a firefighter responding to a reported brush fire on his property.

Landmark tree among region’s elms succumbs to disease

Wood from the tree that stood in Charlotte, said to be the biggest in the region, will play a part in efforts to keep elms growing in Vermont and elsewhere.

Baruth: The political art behind Fred Tuttle, the Man with a Plan

On the 20th anniversary of John O’Brien’s classic Vermont film, Sen. Philip Baruth tells the surreal story of Sen. Patrick Leahy’s 1998 race against Tunbridge dairy farmer Fred Tuttle.

YWP: ‘Beautiful’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Beautiful” by Elizabeth Magnan, 16, of Fairfield.

SCOV Law Blog: Dispute over a discharge hearing

This appeal stems from the State’s Attorney’s attempt to be heard on motions for continued treatment after mental health orders had expired.

YWP: ‘Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Cry’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Cry” by Greta Hardy-Mittell, 15, of East Middlebury.

SCOV Law Blog: The complicated finances of divorce

When tax liens from an ex-husband’s business prevent an ex-wife from selling the house awarded to her in a divorce decree, a financial domino effect ensues.

YWP: ‘Ignore’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Ignore” by Adelle Brunstad, 15, of Enosburg Falls.

SCOV Law Blog: Incomplete deeds?

The Supreme Court takes up a case in which deeds for properties in a subdivision differed in requiring owners to be part of a “common interest community.”

Trump sign marked with swastika found near Hillel Center

It is unknown whether the sign was meant to be directed at the Jewish group. Still, Jewish students at UVM are disturbed.

FairWarning: Drug lobbyists and campaign cash stymie bid to restrain Medicare prescription costs

U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., says it’s “Exhibit A in how crony capitalism works.”

YWP: ‘The Cabin’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “The Cabin” by Gordon Reo of Thetford.

SCOV Law Blog: A case of sufficient supervision

A charge of professional misconduct must be supported by clear and convincing evidence. … The purpose of sanctions is not to punish attorneys but to protect the public from harm and maintain public confidence by deterring future misconduct.