Health care split sparks fireworks in teacher negotiations statewide

Local unions are insisting that taxpayers cover 95 percent to 100 percent of the price tag; the Scott administration says teachers should pay 20 percent of the cost of premiums.

Data report: Parents choose public over private schools for special education

Private schools, with a few exceptions, don’t offer a full array of programs for students with disabilities.

Students help group turn advocacy into song

Students who met an education nonprofit’s challenge to produce and deliver a song about a new law were honored with a resolution in the Vermont House on Wednesday. “I believe that Act 77 gives us a reason to care about our learning and a way to apply our passions to our education,” Grace Ecklund Gustavson, […]

Committee ditches bill seen as Act 46 escape hatch

It plans to continue work on an alternative that would offer school districts new options while stopping short of making it easier for them to avoid merging.

Peacham sees its fate hanging on Act 46 revision bills

The legislation would help districts comply with the law through “alternative structures” if they don’t readily fit into a merger. By one count, 82 towns face that challenge.

UPDATED: Holcombe reappointed as education secretary

She will continue in the post she has held since being appointed by Gov. Peter Shumlin in 2014.

Lawmakers seek to bar ‘nuclear option’ in teacher talks

A bill would prohibit strikes while telling school boards they cannot impose contracts.

Property tax proposal would reflect local spending levels

Under the current formula, low spending districts are subsidizing higher spending towns.

Barre Town rejects Act 46 merger

Barre Town said no to an Act 46 merger with Barre City last week in a second round of voting. Last week, Barre Town voters overwhelming rejected a merger proposal that would have combined school boards from two elementary-middle schools with Spaulding High School and a regional career and technical center. The plan, approved by […]

Report predicts big financial return on child care expansion

A new report finds that expanding and investing in high-quality child care and early education would be an economic boon to the state. For every dollar Vermont spends on such programs, the state could reap $3.08 back, according to a report by the Vermont Business Roundtable’s Research and Education Foundation. The paper lays out what […]

House scuttles Scott’s plan for May school budget vote

Scott has presented no Plan B to fix the gap in the general fund and has told lawmakers that if they bring him a budget that increases taxes or fees, or cuts frontline workers, he will veto it.

Analysts doubt Scott education plan can deliver

“If schools make the cuts the governor has asked for, Vermont homeowners won’t see lower taxes,” according to Paul Cillo, an architect of the education fund.

Request to delay school budget votes fares no better in House

The administration — already rebuffed by a Senate panel — wanted to focus on that aspect of the governor’s education proposal. But House committee members raised broad issues with the overall plan.

Education panel rejects key part of Scott’s budget plan

His proposal for overhauling education spending rests largely on having towns postpone their school budget votes until May. But lawmakers weren’t receptive to that idea Tuesday.