Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O’Connor is a Brattleboro-based writer and former staffer for the Sunday Rutland Herald and Times Argus.


    ‘If I’d only … my son would still be alive today’

    John Halligan has told 1 million students and counting the story of his son Ryan, a 13-year-old Vermonter who killed himself after facing a tsunami of social media torments.

    Weston actor and lawmaker Sam Lloyd dies at age 91

    The onetime Broadway understudy for Walter Matthau and castmate of Dustin Hoffman was among the authors of Vermont’s Act 250 land-use law.

    New Vermont children’s book explores questions of death

    Author Julia Alvarez and artist Sabra Field join their words and woodblock prints in “Where Do They Go?”

    A Vermonter’s story of losing sight and gaining vision

    Brattleboro’s “blind masseur,” Neil Taylor, and his mother, Alison Taylor, are authors of the new memoir “The Life We Got.”

    Vermont’s citizen listers giving way to professional appraisers

    “The job has gotten more complex,” says one of a growing number of locals relinquishing their management of property grand lists.

    Several Vermont localities vote to pursue ‘sanctuary’ status

    Nearly a dozen approved a variety of town meeting resolutions in reaction to President Donald Trump’s push to further restrict immigration.

    Small communities look to outside patrols to fight crime

    Londonderry’s town meeting is one of several talking about devoting local dollars to hiring county sheriffs or state police.

    Towns’ annual reports plug into the touchscreen age

    More communities are aiming to save money on printing and postage by delivering municipal information via the internet.

    Vermont town meeting ballots pose variety of questions

    Voters this week will consider everything from Burlington’s $19 million school improvement plan to Brattleboro’s proposed ban on plastic shopping bags.

    Vermont communities to debate ‘sanctuary’ status

    Town meetings in Calais, East Montpelier, Hartland, Marshfield, Plainfield and Putney are set to consider responding to President Donald Trump’s push for more restrictions on immigration.

    ‘The mascot is the springboard for a much broader discussion’

    As South Burlington prepares to retire its high school’s team nickname — to avoid Confederate connotations — another community has already shown such a change can work.

    Vermont ski jump finds it’s a small world after all

    Brattleboro’s weekend Harris Hill competition drew a slate of global athletes who said they best knew the state as the home of Bernie Sanders.

    Brattleboro school protest targets U.S. education secretary

    More than 100 Brattleboro Union High School students and staffers rallied Friday against the newly appointed Betsy DeVos.

    Vermont ski jump rides the roller coaster of climate change

    Brattleboro’s nearly century-old Harris Hill, the state’s only Olympic-size venue, is juggling nature and snowmaking technology as it prepares for its weekend competition.