The state publishes plenty of information about how candidates pay for their campaigns; who contributes, how much and whether they gave cash or goods.

But it doesn’t make that data easy to find. The Secretary of State only allows users to view candidates one at a time, and contributions one row at a time, making it hard to determine how much candidates are really getting.

VTDigger has developed a tool that makes it easy to find all of the donations for each candidate.

Our campaign finance portal also shows readers the top contributors to each campaign, how candidates rank over time and how they compare to each other, along with the raw data that powers the state’s database.

Candidates must file new campaign reports on a monthly basis, and we’ll keep adding contributors and donation amounts along with new insights and features for our readers through the 2020 election season. The next deadline for candidate campaign donation filings with the Vermont Secretary of State is August 1.

Check out the tool below or in our Election Guide for all candidates, or click on a candidate’s name to see more details about their donors.

VTDigger's data and Washington County reporter.