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Police say 3-year-old boy accidentally shot 8-year-old girl in Cabot

Vermont State Police say an 8-year-old girl has been hospitalized after she was accidentally shot Wednesday afternoon in the arm by a 3-year-old boy in a residence in Cabot.

Police said they responded around 1 p.m. Wednesday to a home on Main Street in Cabot for a report of an 8-year-old girl who had been shot. 

Police, in a release issued Thursday morning, stated that an investigation showed that a 3-year-old boy in the home accidentally discharged a firearm “resulting in a non-life threatening injury to the female juvenile’s arm.”

The girl was flown by helicopter to the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington for treatment. “The incident is still under investigation and it has so far been determined to be an accident,” the state police release stated.

State police did not release the identities of the children involved, though the release did state that the 8-year-old girl was from Barre.

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Alan J. Keays

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robert bristow-johnson

It may have been an accident but, in the best case, somebody had an unsecured loaded firearm in a home with children.

May God protect this 8 year old girl and may her arm be healed.

Christopher Daniels

It may be unintentional, but it’s not an accident, as calling it an accident absolves the gun owner of responsibility.

The owner kept a loaded gun (with the safety off) within reach of the 3-year old.

Rhonda Coates

Using the term “accident” is an error. The gun was unsecured – and children will explore. Complete and utter failure on the part of the adults. NOT an accident.


This reminds me of calling a drunk driving death an ‘accident’.

Carol Dixon

Thank God the children are alive thinking about what could have happened makes me sick. Please be safe gun owner for the children’s sake.

Tom burke

An unsecured gun in the home is risk of harm for DCF to investigate. It is also criminal endangering and parent needs to be charged.

Thad Cline

If we had laws that made people lock up their guns , the parents would be charged with braking that law.
But the vast Minority very far from the Majority of Vermonters will and have stopped sensible gun laws .
How many more problems will happen from guns before it changes to what the majority of Vermonters want ?

John M Farrell

Not an “accident” in the sense that the owner of the gun was criminally careless and put children in danger. Investigate and, if found guilty, bar that person from ever owning a gun in the future.

Martin Dole

Why was the firearm loaded? Where was the adult supervision of the loaded gun? Why is a 3 year old playing with the firearm?

Tony Redington

3,000 children die a year from gun violence, almost 10 a day, second only to motor vehicle death because US highway deaths are 19th in world with 20,000+ excess here (leader Norway went through most recent year without a child highway death!!). Adopt Mass. gun controls, cut VT gun violence about 2/3 overnight.


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