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Daily Stormer lands Burlington on hate map

BURLINGTON — The Queen City is listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center hate map, which tracks the presence of hate groups in the United States.

Burlington appears on the map emblazoned with a swastika, indicating the presence of a neo-Nazi website, the Daily Stormer.

The website, started by Andrew Anglin in 2013, is known for publishing hate speech, and the name of the publication is taken from the Nazi propaganda organ Der Sturmer.

A local, Burlington-based sub-group sprung up in response to a national call by the Daily Stormer for such groups to be formed regionally.

A Southern Poverty Law Center website says the map is compiled using “hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports.” The center lists 917 such groups nationwide.

The SPLC defines a hate group as having “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” The activities of the groups range from “criminal acts, marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing.”

SPLC hate map
Southern Poverty Law Center hate map.

Last year Anglin began encouraging users to start local “book groups” to help organize followers and help them connect offline. The forum for Burlington, which included people who live elsewhere in New England and New York, drew 33 posts from September 2016 to the present.

Participants in the forum talk about get-togethers, including an America First Ramadan Free Speech BBQ. Daily Storm posters also celebrated the website’s placement on the SPLC’s hate map, according to a Seven Days report. The posts are anonymous, and it’s unclear whether the forum actually held any meetings.

The website’s devotees helped to organize the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend. Anglin referred to Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman who was killed by a white nationalist who drove through a crowd of protesters, as a “fat slut.”

The slur resulted in a major social media backlash that prompted internet companies, including GoDaddy and Google, to deny the Daily Stormer, which is currently offline, domain registration services, and Cloudflare to refuse to provide internet security services to them.

Correction: The refusal of internet services by Google, GoDaddy and Cloudflare was corrected on Aug. 21 at 12:43 p.m.

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Morgan True

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  • Rich Lachapelle

    Every person or organized activist group reserves the right to define “hate” as they see fit. Some pro-choice people hate pro-lifers and vice versa. Some people hate those who do not adhere to their religious beliefs and react by using passenger planes as weapons or targeting a gay nightclub with gunfire. Some BLM activists openly promote violence against police officers and the group still got invited to the Obama Whitehouse. Large numbers of Americans have made it their passion to openly express hate toward our lawfully elected President and make unfounded accusations against him. Some Americans hate the fact that we have a Constitution that guarantees reasonable rights of free expression because sometimes words can make some people uncomfortable. Some people perceive commemorative monuments to those who participated in a 150 year old civil war as symbols of hate. Someone’s hate recently inspired them to fire a gun at participants of a charity softball practice because of their political affiliation.

    The side that preaches so much about tolerance and diversity seems to be in need of a few lessons of their own.

    • Andi Rosin

      Rich Lachapelle, First of all, the hate against Obama was way worse than against Trump. It was Trump himself who spent 5 years perpetuating the, “birther” issue. No one has asked Trump for his birth certificate, nor tried to say that he is a, “Muslim terrorist sent here to destroy the country”. So before you talk about people not liking Trump, just remember what Trump did to Obama. And Mitch McConnel who on day one said their goal was to make Obama a one term president. Their goal was not to help the American people, it was to make sure Obama was a one term president. They opposed everything he did, even when it was issues that just 2 years ago the Repubs. supported! And they did not even grant him a HEARING for a Supreme Court nominee, even when he had one year left in office. And no, there is not one Black Lives Matter person who promotess violence against police officers. There are some people out there that do, but they are not ifiliated with BLM, it is just that some try to make it seem that way. Please post an article where it is a fact, not an opinion, but a fact by police or any law enforcement who has said that BLM specifically, supporters killing police officers.

    • Dominic Cotignola

      You’re assuming your examples included all liberals. Be careful who you blame. There are all kinds of political ideologies in hate groups and or lone gunmen.

      When it comes to an open hate groups that have proven through history to be violent or threatening violence (open carry), I sure have the right to shout them down and if they brandish a weapon, fight back. If you marginalize a hate group no matter how small, you probably won’t recognize this country in 5-10 yrs. Yes, that includes the person occupying trump tower. Since our current administration won’t deal with it, it’s up to citizens to monitor and remove the threat to our country with any means.

      • Neil Johnson

        People need to read Smear and Rules for Radicals….it’s an interesting read, one that clearly outlines why we are getting all this division and discord. It is planned by those schooled by Alinsky, it’s a massive organization and my guess is few even know they are pawns, of course many are operatives assisting in the chaos.

        • Dennis Works

          Neil Johnson: I love it when people try to talk about Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ when they haven’t got a clue about it’s true purpose and methods. Did you know these “Rules” were formulated with the purpose of organizing and uniting low-income communities – communities that historically have had little-to-no political influence? I guess some think only the wealthy, and to a lesser extent the middle class, should have any political influence.

          By the way, these “Rules” describe methods than CAN and HAVE been used by BOTH sides of the political spectrum. Oh… I guess you didn’t realize that, as just one example, the Tea Party group FreedomWorks used ‘Rules for Radicals’ as their organizational guide. Yep, the same FreedomWorks that was founded by the Koch Brothers and led by conservatives Dick Armey and Jack Kemp.

  • sandybettis

    Luckily, VT has the least number of hate groups in the USA. We can be very thankful for that.

  • Dan DeCoteau

    All we have to do is read what you write in your comments!

  • Gary Murdock

    Ask me again after you take your blinders off. Until then I wont waste my time.

  • Homer sulham

    Have you heard some of the California Congress people?

  • Robert Wood

    “It can’t happen here?”

    Given Burlington’s liberal
    bent, it’s position on The Daily Stormer’s hate map, it’s size and relative isolation, antifa’s abuse at Middlebury College and Vermont’s open
    carry law, what’s the effective difference between Charlottesville and Burlington?

  • Mark Bowen

    Seems like it would have been important to point out in this article, that Andrew Anglin, who started the Daily Stormer, does not seem to live or ever have lived in Vermont. The article seems to be implying that …

  • Dennis Works

    Gary Murdock: Sounds to me more like the Trump administration (note I did NOT say the Republican Party). And yes, I CAN support what I said, and can list DOZENS, perhaps HUNDREDS of examples – limited only be time and VTDigger commenting limits. Of course, you COULD find the same information for yourself if you would only look – even a little bit.

  • Matt Young

    Why “so called?” What if we called Obama “so called?” I assume we would be labled racists.

    • Dennis Works

      Matt Young: Obama was called A LOT worse than “so called” by MANY on the right – including Trump. Face it, even Republicans are disgusted with Trump and are turning away from him more and more. I believe they are slowing seeing the writing on the wall that they will be held accountable by the voters for continuing to side with this man who has NO morals and NO honor. Some are even calling him incompetent, and Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker questioned Trump’s stability and competence.

  • Matt Young

    Look at USA Today or CNN or any of the far left puppet media. They make a fortune getting people fired up and pressing buttons of those who want to be angry and blame someone else for all of the misery in there lives.

    • Jeff Noordsy

      You spelled FOX wrong. And for the record, I read Fox News every day. As well as Huff Post. They are two sides of the same coin.

  • Homer sulham

    Do you really listen to what some of the Democrats say.

  • Dominic Cotignola

    Seriously? The easy copout blaming the other side instead of looking in the mirror and trying to fix things. A rather large one is needed.
    Please list the hate and facts about the liberal groups that promote hate. Let me start: ACLU, Abortion Doctors, Pro Gay, School books, Religious liberty, Ten commandment monuments, Taxes, healthcare, etc. I assume there is 100’s more. A far cry from the all-right or what Nazi’s are espousing.

  • Will Workman

    I don’t know a thing about the Daily Stormer, though the name itself is suggestive.
    But as for SPLC, I wouldn’t take their word for anything. Their studies are notoriously inaccurate, unscientific and biased. Their definitions are a joke. (Example, a group whose position is that all races are equal but affirmative action is wrong is defined as a hate group.)
    And since SPLC wants to drive a narrative that hate is on the rise, groups get added to the hate list willy-nilly but never get taken off, even if they haven’t been active in years.
    So condemn Daily Stormer, but don’t buy into the panicky narrative that we are being overrun by hate groups.

  • Homer sulham

    Pay attention and have an open mind.

  • Homer sulham

    Just where does the Southern Poverty Law Center stand in the political spectrum?

  • Angelo Napolitano

    look up Anitfa… funded by George Soros