UPDATED: No trespass order on South Burlington man lifted

The South Burlington man who received a no-trespass order last Monday had that citation lifted following a meeting with the South Burlington Superintendent of Schools.

Dan Emmons and his attorney, William Norful, met with Superintendent David Young and school district legal representatives last week to discuss the order and to ask it be lifted. Norful wrote in an email last Thursday that the no-trespass order was no longer in effect.

“I want to be sensitive to Mr. Emmons,” said Young prior to the meeting. “I’m very sensitive to parents and community members who want to access school activities.”

South Burlington Police officer Andrew Traynor issued the no trespass order to Emmons, according to a copy of the ticket supplied to VT Digger by Norful. The Winooski attorney and South Burlington Police Chief Trevor Whipple supplied records about the citations.

The no trespass order covered South Burlington High School, Tuttle Middle School, Rick Marcotte Central School, Orchard School and Chamberlin School, and was in effect for the school day and all school-sponsored events.

In a letter to Emmons, Young said he decided to seek a no-trespass order after he learned that the South Burlington Police Department issued Emmons a citation for “stalking” a South Burlington student and “disturbing the peace by use of electronic communications.” “Student safety is always our primary concern,” Young wrote to Emmons.

The letter also imposed three conditions, detailing steps Emmons must follow before stepping foot on school district property. He was told he can’t interact with the student connected with the police citation when the two are on school grounds and at school events.

Emmons must act in a “respectful and appropriate manner when interacting with all students, school personnel and other community members” while he is on school grounds and at school events.

The last condition cited in the letter pointed out that barring an emergency, Emmons must notify Young 24 hours in advance when Emmons plans on being present on school grounds and at school events so Young can arrange to have a school resource officer present.

Norful didn’t respond to comment on the conditions the school district imposed on Emmons.

“To be clear, the presence of a school resource officer is for everyone’s safety. As you shared that you have received threats from other community members related to the citation,” Young wrote to Emmons.

Norful criticized the no trespass order, saying that Emmons has the right to free speech. “He (Emmons) is the wrong ideological persuasion for the South Burlington School District. You can’t throw someone out of the local school district because you don’t like them.”

Emmons got news the order was lifted the same day South Burlington voters rejected a revised school budget for the second time in as many months.

Young said he initially asked for the no trespass order to “preserve the safety of staff and students.” Late last month, Emmons received a citation from South Burlington Police, charging he harassed a student.

Those charges stem from an ongoing debate about the Rebel nickname. Opponents of the name say it is racist because of its link with the Confederacy. The school board voted two months ago to change the name.

Emmons is opposed to the name change.

Meanwhile, Norful said Emmons received a threatening electronic message from Taylor Cook. That left Emmons “in fear, and has caused him significant distress, considering the imminent risk of harm and serious injury.”

Emmons took a screen shot of the alleged threat, forwarding it to Norful. According to the information provided by Norful Cook allegedly told Emmons, “Hey fuckwit, wanna tangle with a grown-ass man instead of threatening teenagers? I’ll put brass through your fucking skull before you can call yr (your) racist friends defending a fucked up name for help.”

Norful said Emmons reported the profanity-laced comment to South Burlington Police April 1.

Whipple declined to comment on whether an investigation by police into the alleged threat was occurring. Last week, Norful contacted Whipple about the matter. “I presume that your department is free of political bias, and therefore I expect that this matter will be handled as enthusiastically as the attention given to the complaints against Mr. Emmons,” Norful wrote.

According to the citation Emmons received from police, he is slated to appear in Vermont Superior Court in Burlington Thursday at 8:30 a.m. to answer charges on the original citation.

Gail Callahan

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  • Neil Johnson

    He [Emmons] is the wrong ideological persuasion

    See what happens when you think for yourself, “slap a restraining order on this gentleman, pretty soon these students might start thinking for themselves!” Vermont is so good about keeping the collective alive and sure nobody steps out……all while waving the flag of righteousness.

    Great article, too funny.

    • Pat McGarry

      Neil- a “restraining order” issued pursuant to 12 VSA 5131 is an order to stay away/ no contact after a court hearing before a judge. A no trespass notice is simply someone in charge telling a cop he doesn’t like someone else. The latter may be appropriate for a store owner to ban a suspected shoplifter. It is wholly inappropriate to keep a parent/ taxpayer from school board meetings, and other public events.

      • Neil Johnson

        I totally agree with you. And the updates, show how violent people are if you don’t agree with them or argue a point. My apologies for being loose with the terms…restraining order/no trespass.

        Rebel 1. To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force an established government or ruling authority. 2. To resist or defy an authority or generally accepted convention. 3. To feel or express strong unwillingness or repugnance.

        Source: New College Edition The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

        So Martin Luther King Jr. was a rebel, so were the slaves, so were the people of all colors who marched at Selma, so were the Women who pushed for equal rights….all rebels.

        So were the citizens of the colonies who wanted to have their own country, our founding fathers! And probably a few racists considered themselves rebels too. But think, so does that mean the women who wanted equal rights were racist? Of course not….

        There is such great heritage from our Rebels, why would you want to give up great history? Just because a racist person used a term doesn’t give them cart blanche on the word, doesn’t make it the sole meaning.

        We need to use our brains and stop being brainwashed by politically correct people who have no sense of reality. Rebel does not equal racist….more so the opposite, as so many proved by marching peacefully in our country to change the ruling authority.

  • Edward Letourneau

    I find it interesting the people object to the name Rebel, when the United States of America has declared and written into federal law that the Rebels (confederate solders) are United States Veterans. — Seems some people are racist against an entire class based on geography, and following the logic of these people Vermonter’s would also be rebels in the view of New York.

  • Steve Baker

    Let’s see what the Police do. Sounds like quite a threat was sent to Emmons. Wonder what would happen if the same were sent to the Superitentant?

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