South Burlington School District

UPDATED: No trespass order on South Burlington man lifted

Dan Emmons’ attorney: “He is the wrong ideological persuasion for the South Burlington School District. You can’t throw someone out of the local school district because you don’t like them.”

South Burlington School Board Statement on Teacher Contract Negotiations

News Release — South Burlington School District April 3, 2017 Contact: [email protected] South Burlington – South Burlington School District School Board issued the following statement today: After nine meetings over four months without significant progress toward a contract, the South Burlington School Board declared impasse on March 17th in its negotiations with the South Burlington […]

South Burlington City/School Task Force making progress; community meeting date set

The South Burlington City/School Task Force is making progress. Last night the Task Force set a Community Meeting date for March 10th.

Bargaining resumes, but South Burlington teachers strike continues

School board and SBEA fail to reach agreement after first bargaining session in more than a week. Meanwhile, school officials have decided to allow extracurricular activities to continue as scheduled.

School board chair testifies he felt threatened by email from Vermont-NEA official

Vermont-NEA attorney Alan Biederman tried to show Cassidy basically overreacted to the email and that Cook’s comment about picketing had no ulterior motive.

Picketing a school board member’s home or business: Unfair labor practice or standard operating procedure?

Labor board begins trial proceedings in the South Burlington School District case against the Vermont NEA