Gov. Howard Dean presses New England delegates to unite behind Clinton

Howard Dean
Former Gov. Howard Dean talks to Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention. Photo by Liora Engel-Smith/VTDigger

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean urged delegates from Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire to unify behind the Democratic presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Dean, a former presidential nominee, was one of several Clinton backers who emphasized the need for party unity at a breakfast with delegates on Tuesday.

“I’m well aware that this is Sanders country,” Dean told the delegates.

Dean thanked Sanders backers for bringing progressive causes to the forefront of the Democratic Party.

“You already have changed the dialogue in a way that I’ve never seen the dialogue change,” he said.

But he also urged the audience to look beyond Sanders by alluding to “not me, us,” a common Sanders campaign slogan. “I’ve always said, and he (Sanders) said too, that our campaigns were not about us, they were about you,” Dean said.

“When he (Sanders) began, there were people who were dispirited and who didn’t think they could change anything,” he said. “And because of Bernie, and because of your response, he has unlocked the power each one of you has to make fundamental change in this country and we cannot give it up.”

Dean praised Clinton for changing her positions, to address concerns about Clinton’s trustworthiness among Sanders supporters. “She’s not particularly ideological, but she cares what the facts are and if the facts don’t match on a position she takes, she’ll change her position,” he said.

“Politics is a game of inches,” he said. “Politics is a substitute for war — you’re not going to win it in a single shift. But you will never win it unless you put your nose to the grindstone and make advancements.”

Dean’s words were well received and many in the crowd gave him a standing ovation. But other speakers who followed faced an increasingly agitated audience. When Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, took the stage he spoke about the importance of union alliances.

A woman in a blue Bernie T-shirt yelled out: “Single-payer is our greatest issue.” The exchange quickly turned sour when the woman yelled, “You’re not going to condescend me, sir.” And turned her back to him for the remainder of his time on the stage.

When Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire, spoke, a woman in the crowd asked about the Trans Pacific Partnership. When Shaheen said she will read through the terms of the TPP, she received a glare and a “we hope so” from one woman.

Clinton supporters in the crowd countered with “let’s elect a president” and an exasperated “come on.”

Sanders is expected to speak to the delegates tomorrow morning.

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Liora Engel-Smith

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  • Tom Sullivan

    Go ahead, and choose not to vote for Clinton. Although, I would bet that the most of the 97,000+ Floridians who voted for “Ralph Nader” would give almost anything to re-vote. Gore lost by just over 500 votes cast by people who were idealistic, inflexible and short sighted. The result was 8 years of “W”, and a war we’re still fighting. In addition, 2016 Florida polling separates Clinton and Trump by a mere 0.3%, so the parallels with the 2000 election are present. So go ahead “Berners”, and don’t support Clinton, I dare you.

    • timothy price

      The Clinton/DNC campaign is a “ram it down our throats” planned-from-the-top, the Bilderbergs and their Rothschild/Rockefeller, the .01 percenter’s show. This was no election process, but an orchestrated swindle, hugely supported by a crooked press.
      I would vote for Jack the Ripper before I will vote for Hillary Clinton… but no matter, am sure she will get close to 100% of the votes.. no matter whether anyone shows up at the poles.

      • Kathy Callaghan

        You’d better vote for Hillary Clinton unless you want Donald Trump – that’s your Hobson’s choice.

    • Lydia Cale

      Dare accepted. No way on earth would I vote for the Clinton Crime Syndicate. I have no desire to further support Goldman-Sachs.

      • Tom Sullivan

        “I have no desire to further support Goldman-Sachs”

        Ok, then get ready to support President Trump, and his Supreme Court Pick.

  • Keld Alstrup

    At this point, who really cares about what Howard Dean has to say…

  • What a remarkably sad state of the nation as Gov. Dean is forced ask the voters to elect the devil we know (Hillary) versus the devil we don’ know (Trump) to be our next president.

    Hillary, whom the latest CNN poll tells us that 68% of the people find her dishonest and untrustworthy. Just imagine, this is the best that this country can come up…….a president whom the vast majority of Americans simply do not trust.

    Going back to the polls, about two thirds of American’s believe this country is on the wrong course following nearly eight years of President Obama……..what is in store for this nation in the next four years with a new president that the people believe to be dishonest and untrustworthy?

    • But we DO know Trump and what he is about. A child of privilege who takes advantage of his elite access to the courts to silence naysayers and not pay contractors. A business owner who merrily went to cheap labor nations for his manufacturing contracting. A bigot and bully who lumps folks together and attacks them not by what they do but by their nation of origin, religion and skin color. A denier of the science behind global warming. An authoritarian and admirer of the actions of Russia’s Putin, the old Iraq’s Hussein and North Korea’s Kim. Yet one more control freak who doesn’t believe an individual woman should have ownership over her own body. A destroyer of governmental regulations that have saved countless lives and cleaned water and cleared air. A personal and political opportunist who sees the misfortune as others as an opportunity for his own narcissistic aggrandizement and profit.

      Yeah – we know Trump pretty darn well.

      • Looks to me like you have been describing yourself, henceforth you might consider expanding your vocabulary to more pleasant word speech.

      • Clyde Cook

        “A personal and political opportunist who sees the misfortune of others as an opportunity for his own narcissistic aggrandizement and profit”. Please, for just a moment, step back, remove your political beliefs and party labels from the discussion, and realize you have just describe in the most perfect words, Hillary Clinton. And her husband before her. And most politicians on general

      • Peter Bormann

        Anybody heard of Dick Morris? Please YouTube him. Worked for the Clinton’s for years.

    • Kathy Callaghan

      I actually believe that Trump is a devil we DO know, by now. Just check his history in dealing with people and businesses…and then there is what comes out of his mouth on a daily basis. Yes, we do know him. Unfortunately.

  • rosemarie jackowski

    Last night was a giant leap forward for one woman – and a giant leap backward for all humanity.

    STEIN 2016

    • Kathy Callaghan

      A vote for anyone other than the Democratic nominee is a vote for Donald Trump, unfortunately. I hope you don’t waste your vote on Trump.

  • ed stanak

    “Always said our campaigns were about you….” said Howard Dean the corporate lobbyist.


  • timothy price

    Closer to home, we have Senator Leahy, who is the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying the it appears that Russia is “interfering with US elections”. LOL, thank God that they are at least exposing criminal activity. Wish Leahy would do the same…but not A word about the DNC revelations… time for Leahy to go.. maybe “Leahy for Prison 2016”.

  • timothy price

    Closer to home, we have Senator Leahy, ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, saying nothing about the criminal conduct seen in the DNC revelations, but only commenting that it looks like Russia is interfering with the election process in the USA. Ummmm. He’s running for his 8th term? Vermonters need a change.

  • rosemarie jackowski

    Gov Dean and cronyism has been a big problem for a very long time.

    See this

  • This is a great report that warmed my heart.

    May New England never change.

  • Patty Smith

    Gov. Dean sold us out years ago for $$$$. Who cares what he has to say.

    And enough of this “Trump is so dangerous we need to support #CorruptClinton and a #CorruptDNC to fight him!” We all know the #CorruptClintons recruited him for the roll of villain in this ‘good cop, bad cop’ charade. (I read the email). The American people are being played. The elite control both major parties, manipulating all the sheeple with their loyal MSM propagandists. (I read the emails). And if that doesn’t work they just flip the votes we cast on election day. (I saw the youtube videos).

    I am done with the #CorruptDNC, I’m looking for down ticket candidates brave enough to support #DemExit. And I’m voting #JillStein at the top of the ticket. #GoGreen. What do we have to lose? The election will be rigged in November anyway.

  • Just curious. Whose payroll is Howard Dean on these days?

    • Annette Smith

      Did a search, found this. It appears to be a huge multi-national firm.
      “Governor Howard Dean is a Senior Advisor in the Public Policy and Regulation practice at Dentons. He focuses on health care and energy issues, as well as providing expertise derived from his extensive experience in public office.”

      Kinda scary if he is consulting on energy issues. In 1998 he supported a huge gas power plant and pipeline project. He still supports big wind and apparently doesn’t care about the people who live near wind turbines who can’t sleep or get sick. All about making lots of money for a few people at the expense of others, not the right energy policies for Vermont or the nation.

    • Kathy Callaghan

      Big Pharma, if you can imagine that. (You probably can)

  • “Dean, a former presidential nominee….” Candidate, yes, so must have missed his nomination.

  • Fred Woogmaster

    An editorial in today’s Times-Argus -http://timesargus.com/article/20160728/OPINION01/160729676

    Howard Dean: Former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, son of Wall Street – never seemed to have much respect for Bernie – Super Delegate pledged to Clinton prior to Sanders’ entrance as a candidate, refused to change his vote to Bernie despite significant public pressure from thousands of Democrats backing Bernie.

    So what? The editorial just caused me to wonder about our former Governor’s involvement in the shenanigans of the DNC, which arguably prevented Sanders from winning. Did he have knowledge of the nefarious actions within the DNC? Dr. Dean knows the “inside” game; he knows many of the inside players. So what? Just curious- that’s all.

    • Fred Woogmaster

      To avoid any misunderstanding – the words above are my words – NOT the words of the op-ed piece that I referenced.