Seven Days: Shumlin confirms he is traveling out of state to raise money for the Democratic Governor’s Association

Paul Heintz, a columnist for Seven Days, has tirelessly written about the connection between money and politics, and has singlehandedly taken on the task of tracking Gov. Peter Shumlin’s activities as head of the Democratic Governors Association.

On Friday, Heintz pressed Shumlin about whether he has been traveling out of state to raise money for the DGA. The governor said he has made “fundraising visits” to wealthy individuals in Los Vegas and other destinations around the country. Shumlin referred questions about who he met with to the DGA.

Shumlin refused to talk about his own fundraising campaign and whether any of the donors he met with would be also supporting his 2014 race for governor.

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Anne Galloway

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  • walter moses

    I assume the gov is on the clock, traveling and meeting on the taxpayers tab. He refuses to talk about donors and he met on the Vegas trip. I guess no accountability is the rule of the day!

  • Kim Fried

    This is not the way our Govenor, the Govenor of Vermont, should be spending his time, raising campagn money out of state. Sure tells us where his priorities are…It’s embarrassing. Thanks to Paul for asking these hard questions. Where’s the rest of Vermont’s press?

  • Don Peterson

    How does the Governor travel on these trips?

  • John Smith

    Ok, so Vermonters are suffering with the highest property taxes in the country, and the worst heroin problem in the country, and our governor is spending his time traveling across the country raising money for who? Going to Vegas? Phil Scott, please run for governor and bring some commonsense to our state, PLEASE!!!!!

  • For more, everyone should read Paul Heintz’s column in the Feb 5th issue of Seven Days to see the cozy relationship between Gov. Shumlin and big wind champion and profiteer, David Blittersdorf.

    The money flows from Blittersdorf and his interests to Shumlin and the Democratic Governors’ Association of Which Gov Shumlin is Chairman. Now what flows from Shumlin back to Blittersdorf?

    To start, Paul Heintz cites the State’s award of a contract to Blittersdorf’s company, AllEarth to provide solar trackers to power state buildings. Now is there any connection between Blittersdorf money that Shumlin got and contracts to Bittersdorf’s businesses?

    As Kim Fried above asks: “ Where’s the rest of the Vermont’s press? “

    Definitely time for more diggings by Vermont’s media into the chummy Shumlin/Bittersdorf relationship. Might also want to add Tony Klein to the assignment.

    One thing you can bet the media will find is that David Bittersdorf gets a heck of a lot more attention from the Governor than does Luann Therrien’s family and other families in the Northeast Kingdom. I wonder why?

  • Ralph Colin

    So why is anyone surprised?

    There really is nothing new here except to those who have been deaf, dumb and blind for all these years.

    Yet he keeps getting re-elected. Wonder of wonders.

    • rosemarie jackowski

      Kinda makes you wonder about Vermont voters….

      • Timothy MacLam

        It sure does. Add bag man to this shameless huckster’s resume.

  • Vanessa Mills

    So Shumlin wants to assure he continues to stack the deck in favor of his agendas.
    No big surprise there, really; but how’s it working for us, Vermont?

    And likely Shumlin’s got at least a couple security officers accompanying him whose expenses are paid by the taxpayers. If any others of his administration accompany him on this trip, they’ll likely need to adjust the number of security officers accordingly, right? Like it or no, taxpayers are supporting this.

    And he’s not likely taking his gas-guzzling Lincoln for the trip, eh? He’ll likely flying, so I guess we could assume that co2 reduction is not priority. If it were, and if he were appealing to donors and investors of conscience regarding the pressing issues(including the co2s issue) for his administration, they’d all be leading by example and simply ask him to skype/conference call/etc his appeals and interests, no? And then we could even have these shenanigans be part of public records, to which we ought to have access anyway! However, if my memeory serves me correctly, I recall him keeping the press out of DGA events in the past. It’s no news flash, I realize, to say: transparency isn’t a priority either.

  • Fred Woogmaster

    While many of the above questions and comments are valid, our Governor is not THE problem; he is simply further exposing THE problem.

    Just say ten years from now, a Republican governor, perhaps Phil Scott, is chosen to lead the Republican Governor’s Association. If the system remains unchanged, that person, a Republican will replicate Shumlin’s efforts – for the other side.

    The “two party system” fueled by obscene funding, aided by Citizen’s United is destroying our democratic process.

    Holding our Governor accountable is crucial, looking into the ‘exchanges’ involving large campaign donors is very important.

    Holding him responsible for the sociopolitical climate we are mired in, however, – is silly. Some may be envious because of how well he plays “the game”.

    Please DO dig further. Knowing the truth does help!

  • Fred Woogmaster

    It would be most interesting to hear the unfiltered thoughts of ex Governors Dean and Douglas on this matter.

    They have come to understand “the game” quite well, I would imagine!
    Gentlemen, are you out there? What do you think?

  • David Dempsey

    Shumlin is a living oxymoron. Whenever the questions get prickly, such as the ones Paul Heintz and Anson Tebbetts asked last Friday, he utters his trademark rhetorical bs answer. In this case, despite the fact that he was in Las Vegas and Phil Scott was the acting governor. he said “I’m really focused on my job as governor.” Brilliant response Gov.

  • Hey Vermonters, want a governor devoted and loyal to Vermont? Want to at least see one debate the current one? How about a little support to cover my platform? Seven Days won’t touch my candidacy with a ten foot pole!

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