Deal sets stage for UVM purchase of the Taft building, Burlington School District’s acquisition of St. Joseph School


The two institutions seem to have finally found a way around a stumbling block that’s long stood in the way of a deal — the will of a long-deceased Burlington philanthropist.

Facing climate change: Vermont’s biggest polluters

The J.C. McNeil plant in Burlington's Intervale generates electricity for Burlington, mostly from wood. Photo courtesy Burlington Electric Department

Vermont has the lowest emissions of any state in the country. Even still, its top six polluters release just over 849,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases annually, about 10 percent of Vermont’s total.

Biologist Paul Ehrlich gives dire prediction for global civilization

Paul Ehrlich spoke about the collapse of civilization due to environmental problems on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, at the University of Vermont. Photo by Audrey Clark

In a speech at UVM, the 81-year-old Ehrlich, a professor at Stanford University, called attention to environmental problems on overpopulation, evolutionary biology, and conservation.

“Owning the New Economy Summit” to be held Saturday at UVM

University of Vermont student activists and leaders are announcing the “Owning the New Economy Summit,” a day-long series of presentations, workshops, and discussions focusing on the need to re-imagine and re-design our economic system in the face of repeated financial and climate crises.

UVM students “die” to divest

University of Vermont – Student Climate Culture staged a die-in outside President Sullivan’s office to highlight the deadly effects of climate change and environmental destruction associated with the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. Students stood silently in the hallway, then began “dying,” sinking to the ground one by one. The theatrical demonstration coincided with a meeting between President Sullivan and Student Climate Culture spokespeople Kerry Wilson and Dan Cmejla.

Vermont college tuition increases outpace household income growth

UVM Green overlooking the Waterman Building. Photo by Sally McCay, UVM Photo

For Vermont’s in-state students, the cost of tuition and fees for one year at a four-year school represents 21 percent of the median household income. At a two-year college, these costs represent 10 percent.

UVM takes bottled water ban “arch” to the Statehouse

An eco-sculpture designed by Art Department faculty member Beth Haggart was the centerpiece of a press conference held Wednesday, March 20, at 10 a.m. in the Vermont State House.  The sculpture is on display in the building’s lobby. Photo by Andy Duback, courtesy of UVM

The art installation at the Statehouse was a visual statement about the preponderance of plastic waste generated by single serving water bottles.

In This State: A preservation effort for Vermont’s truss bridges

For two years after the Flood of 1927, Richmond's Checkered House wooden bridge sat side by side with the steel bridge being erected to take its place. (Source of photo unknown)

If the truss design of the Checkered House Bridge in Richmond, finished in 1929 for $81,000, represented a pinnacle of sorts in bridge design, it also marked an ending.

Effort under way to increase numbers of college-bound Vermonters via ‘flexible pathways’

Sen. Dick McCormack

Vermont has one of the highest high school graduate rates in the nation but the number of graduates who go on to postsecondary education pales by comparison.

Citing conflict, bill proposes banning lawmakers from serving as UVM, state college trustees

UVM Green overlooking the Waterman Building. Photo by Sally McCay, UVM Photo

Sen. Dick Sears says a board position puts lawmakers in a tricky position when they vote on budget appropriations for UVM or the state colleges.

Push to divest fossil fuel companies from Vermont college endowments is gaining momentum

fossilfuelblackrock with crowdthumb

Students are driving the climate change initiative.

UVM president tells lawmakers affordability and value are core principles for the school

University of Vermont President Tom Sullivan addresses the House Education Committee on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013. Photo by Alicia Freese

The committee congratulated Sullivan for overseeing what will be the smallest uptick in UVM’s tuition in 36 years — an increase of 2.9 percent.

UVM looks to triple number of international undergrads

UVM Green overlooking the Waterman Building. Photo by Sally McCay, UVM Photo

With only 1.8 percent of its undergraduate population hailing from outside the United States, UVM has some catching up to do.

UVM announces partnership with global education and recruitment firm to expand its internationalization efforts

The agreement with Study Group, known for its worldwide recruiting network extending to more than 130 countries and its academic preparation programs, is expected to help UVM attract some of the seven million students estimated to be studying outside their country of birth in the next decade.

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