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Story + video: Senate gives initial OK to health care reform bill — in the absence of a financing plan from the governor

Gov. Peter Shumlin address participants in a Vermont Health Connect forum held at Capitol Plaza  Hotel in Montpelier last month. Photo by Roger Crowley/for VTDigger

Shumlin reiterated at a Thursday news conference that he wasn’t hiding the plan from lawmakers or the public; rather he just wants the plan to be fully vetted before its release.

Senate kills bill giving towns more input in siting solar projects

If the bill had passed, the Public Service Board would not have been able to waive town zoning and screening bylaws in decisions about whether to approve energy generation projects through the Section 248 review process.

Developers, administration chop down forest fragmentation bill

A grove of white pine in the Morristown Town Forest. Photo by Audrey Clark.

Measure that would require Act 250 review for some forest development projects is pared back to a study.

Senate committee pulls financing language from single-payer bill

David Drexler/Creative Commons

Finance committee strikes nearly all of a bill by Sen. Peter Galbraith that called for a payroll tax to help fund universal health care.

Tom Koch: The train wreck of single payer

It’s time to figure out that if what we have been doing to reform the health care system hasn’t been working, we need to try something else … but that’s not what’s happening in Montpelier.

Bill would stifle renewable energy projects, advocates say

Paul Burns, executive director of VPIRG. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger

Allowing more public input in Public Service Board process would interfere with state’s goals for renewable power, environmental groups say.

Top Shumlin official: Many options being eyed to pay for universal health care system

StockXchng image of stethoscope and calculator.

Michael Costa, deputy commissioner for Health Care Reform, said it’s premature to spell out how the 2017 single-payer plan will be paid for but the administration will present the Legislature some options in the spring.

First concrete plan to pay for single-payer emerges from the Senate

Sen. Peter Galbraith, left, and Sen. Pro-Tem John Campbell. VTD/Josh Larkin

The plan’s author, Sen. Peter Galbraith, says there is no question that Vermont is going to need to impose a payroll tax to fund a universal health care system.

Vermont Senate endorses campaign finance bill with little enthusiasm

Campaign finance reports were due to on Friday. Photo by Kevin Rawlings

The bill, which was originally conceived of as a vehicle for reform of the current system, was seen by many as a step backward.

Joe Benning: Hitch a donkey to that plow

Sorry, Vermont, but the dream of a money-saving, single-payer, universal, state-run health care system is about to experience a rude awakening.

Deflated wind power bill backed by House; Senate future remains up in the air

Rep. Tony Klein. Photo by Roger Crowley

By a strong 140-3 vote, the House backed a watered-down bill calling for summer study sessions on wind power, but some Senators appear ready to try to restore parts of the bill that were stripped out.

Senate backtracks on corporate money ban

Campaign finance reports were due to on Friday. Photo by Kevin Rawlings

Senators voted 19-11 to eliminate the ban on corporate money in what some called a “gut and study” proposal that calls for the Secretary of State to issue a report on the matter in December.

Senate committee forwards campaign finance reform bill without Galbraith’s amendment banning corporate contributions

Progressive Sen. David Zuckerman, D-Chittenden, argued in favor of taxing the rich and companies to fund state services for the poor as progressive lawmakers present a plan for new taxes on higher income Vermonters on Feb. 14, 2013. Photo by Nat Rudarakanchana

“If it isn’t in the draft, it will be re-offered,” said Sen. Peter Galbraith, D-Windham.

Bill establishing social media privacy protections tabled for further study

Dick Sears

The decision comes after pressure from law enforcement and the Shumlin administration to delay passage of a bill this year.

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