Peter Galbraith

Peter Galbraith Takes on McDonald’s and Pushes $15 Minimum Wage

News Release Peter Galbraith for Vermont May 27, 2016 Contact: Ian Moskowitz [email protected] (802) 451.0175 THIS WEEK: Peter Galbraith Takes on McDonald’s and Pushes $15 Minimum Wage, Pledges to Stand Up to Special Interests TOWNSHEND, VT – We’re 74 days out from the Primary Election and Peter Galbraith made the rounds this week across the […]

Candidates for Vermont Governor to Debate in Irasburg on June 30

News Release — Kingdom County Forum May 30, 2016 Media contacts: Judith Jackson /802-754-9968 / 802-673-5533 / [email protected] Ron Holland / 802-754-6354 / [email protected] Five major-party candidates will meet for “Kingdom County Debate” on Wednesday, June 29, at 6 p.m. in local riding arena Irasburg, Vt.—The Kingdom County Forum, an Irasburg citizens’ group, today […]

Peter Galbraith Calls for Vermont to Raise the Minimum Wage to $15

News Release — Peter Galbraith for Vermont May 26, 2016 Contact: Ian Moskowitz [email protected] (802) 451.0175 Peter Galbraith: Vermont Shouldn’t Wait for McDonalds to Pay its Workers Fairly BARRE, VT – Today, speaking in front of a Barre McDonald’s, Gubernatorial candidate Peter Galbraith, reiterated his pledge to raise the minimum wage to $15 as Governor, […]

Minter: Timing, creativity keys to economic development

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate said her InvestVT program would not require any new money, just a rescheduling of existing plans in targeted communities.

State’s Democratic convention is almost all Bernie, all the time

Lacking entirely was any mention of Hillary Clinton, the all-but-official standard-bearer for her party in this general election.

For Democratic candidates, is Shumlin a boost or buzzkill?

The party is touting a poll calling him one of the nation’s most popular governors. The gubernatorial hopefuls say they would accept his support, but they haven’t exactly embraced his leadership.

Addison County Chamber of Commerce Hosts Gubernatorial Candidates’ Forum

News Release — Addison County Chamber of Commerce May 16, 2016 Contact: Sue Hoxie, President P: 802-388-7951 x100 E: [email protected] Middlebury, Vermont – May 16, 2016 – The Addison County Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a gubernatorial candidates’ forum on Tuesday, June 14, 2016. The forum will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. […]

At forum, Lisman is the only gubernatorial candidate who doesn’t disavow Trump

The five candidates spent a big chunk of the debate discussing ways to jumpstart the economy.

Scott reports income of $220,000, assets of more than $3 million

The bulk of the Republican gubernatorial candidate’s personal assets is tied up in his construction company. His 50 percent share is valued at $2.5 million. He valued his race car and parts at $50,000.

Peter Galbraith Visits Site of Alleged Fraud in Northeast Kingdom Community

News Release — Peter Galbraith for Vermont April 21, 2016 Contact: Ian Moskowitz [email protected] (802) 451.0175 NEWPORT, VT – On Wednesday, Gubernatorial candidate Peter Galbraith spent the afternoon speaking to Newport residents about the impact of the alleged fraud in the region committed by politically connected developers. “In Newport, I heard first hand and saw […]

Gubernatorial candidates call for investigation into state’s role in EB-5 fraud case

Matt Dunne and Sue Minter on Monday called for the Shumlin administration to release emails relating to the Jay Peak EB-5 projects. Peter Galbraith called for an independent commission to investigate the state’s role in the alleged Jay Peak fraud.

Margolis: Candidates, hold the mush and start inspiring us

The five major-party candidates hoping to replace Gov. Peter Shumlin are all for a clean environment, good schools, economic growth and fiscal prudence. Big whoop.

Galbraith promotes economic justice at Hartland forum

News Release — Peter Galbraith for Governor March 29, 2016 Contact: Ian Moskowitz [email protected] (802) 451.0175 PETER GALBRAITH SHAKES THINGS UP AT HARTLAND FORUM Promotes economic justice at the Windsor County Democratic Committee Forum HARTLAND, VT – MONDAY, in his first forum since announcing his campaign, Peter Galbraith presented himself as the clear progressive choice […]

Candidate for Vermont Governor and Former U.S. Ambassador Peter Galbraith’s Statement on Karadzic Verdict

News Release — Peter Galbraith for Governor March 24, 2016 Contact: Ian Moskowitz [email protected] (802) 451.0175 TOWNSHEND, VT – TODAY, candidate for Vermont Governor and former U.S. Ambassador Peter Galbraith praised the Karadzic Verdict, while calling the sentence inadequate. “With the conviction of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic for genocide and crimes against humanity, a […]