State’s minimum wage to increase Jan. 1

Vermont’s minimum wage will inch up Jan. 1, according to the state’s Department of Labor.

The standard minimum wage, now $8.60 per hour, will increase by 13 cents to $8.73 per hour. The growth equals the rate at which the Consumer Price Index had increased, as of the end of August.

Service or tipped employees will see their minimum wage increase by 6 cents, from $4.17 per hour to $4.23 per hour. If the combination of tips and base wages for such workers does not average at least $8.73 per hour for a given pay period, employers must make up the difference.

Another new set of rates that will take effect Jan. 1, 2014, is the deduction for meals and lodging that employers may deduct from wages. The new rates follow:

Breakfast: $2.94 daily
Lunch: $3.30 daily
Dinner: $3.67 daily
Full board: $9.91 daily or $69.37 per week
Nightly lodging: $4.04 daily
Full room: $24.30 weekly
Full room & board: $83.93 per week

Vermont law requires all employers to post the minimum wage rates. Information about wages and workplace regulations can be found on the Vermont Department of Labor website (, or by contacting the department’s Wage and Hour Program at 802-828-0267.

Correction: This article was updated on Oct. 29 to indicate that the minimum wage is increasing 13 cents, to $8.73 per hour. 

Hilary Niles


  1. Pam Ladds :

    And sadly not even close to a living wage or a way out of poverty!



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