Vermont Supreme Court

After Supreme Court nomination, Carroll reflects on her career

“I so loved working on (the DUI Treatment court in Windsor) because it was the only real chance I’d had in my career as a judge to work with people on such an intimate level,” she says.

Vermont Supreme Court to hear pipeline eminent domain case

Hinesburg residents appealed a decision that allowed Vermont Gas Systems to use the power of eminent domain to build a pipeline under a town park. The work is just weeks from completion.

SCOV Law Blog: Determining statute of limitations

An appeal questions whether the State is exempt from a six-year limitation for claims arising from damages to state waters due to groundwater contamination from gasoline additives.

UPDATED: Scott names state Supreme Court appointee

The governor chose Vermont Superior Court Judge Karen Russell Carroll to fill the seat that will be vacated by Justice John Dooley at the end of the month.

Fight over Montpelier’s water is a matter of principles

The Legislature is being asked to decide whether any potential risk to the water supply outweighs the values represented by access to state waters.

SCOV Law Blog: Reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop

A woman who is stopped by a Richmond police officer appeals her DWI conviction on the grounds that the officer did not have a reasonable basis to pull her over, and that the evidence against her should have been suppressed.

Vermont Supreme Court debuts live-stream

The state Supreme Court will test the idea during its annual session at Vermont Law School, a move that could set the stage for regular live-streaming.

SCOV Law Blog: A bail appeal

Vermont has a specific section of the bail statutes specifically for life-imprisonment situations.

Senate acts to ease psychiatric backlog in emergency rooms

It passed a bill that’s expected to help. And Senate President Tim Ashe says he has asked the Human Services Agency for a plan to do more.

Vermont Supreme Court Hears Cases at VLS March 8

News Release — Vermont Law School Feb.27, 2017 Contact: Maryellen Apelquist, Director of Communications, Vermont Law School office: 802-831-1228, cell: 802-299-5593, [email protected] SOUTH ROYALTON, Vt., Feb. 27, 2017––The Vermont Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in six cases during the high court’s annual session at Vermont Law School on Wednesday, March 8, in Oakes Hall […]

SCOV Blog: Involuntary medication ruling appealed

The lower court found that the patient was not competent to refuse medication and his aversion to the medication was a result of schizophrenia.

Vermont high court decision on labor sparks legislative action

The House Commerce and Economic Development Committee is considering changes to labor laws in light of Great Northern Construction Inc. v. Department of Labor.

Deal frees man whose molestation conviction was overturned

The judge ultimately allowed the deal although it didn’t call for probationary supervision for Lamar Scales, who pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Brigham milestone finds school funding under new pressure

Twenty years after the case that led to a new finance system, the fundamental commitment to equity is being debated as taxpayers look for relief and the governor envisions changes.