Vermont Supreme Court

Neighbors fault state for lax quarry regulation

“I’m disappointed in the state of Vermont for not enforcing this. It makes me feel helpless,” says quarry neighbor Suzanne Smith.

High court widens pool of independent contractors

The justices rejected the Vermont Labor Department’s stance on when an owner of a limited liability company, or LLC, can be considered an independent contractor rather than an employee.

SCOV Law Blog: Changing a count to fit a statute

In deciding whether or not to uphold a defendant’s convictions, the Supreme Court considers whether his convictions violate the Ex Post Facto Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

SCOV Law Blog: DCF jumps the gun

This case focuses around whether one slip-up during a juvenile case is enough to make you lose your rights to your kids. It’s not, usually.

SCOV Law Blog: A matter of worksite liability

A plaintiff, who is the grandson of the defendant, sues after he is injured falling while doing repairs to his grandfather’s roof. Did the defendant have the responsibility to warn the plaintiff about the slippery roof?

Justices weigh officials’ privacy vs. public’s right to know

The attorney general’s office is fighting a request to search employees’ private email accounts for public records.

Families reach settlement over attack by mentally ill man

Other litigation related to the attack on Michael Kuligoski led to questions about the responsibilities of mental health providers when releasing potentially dangerous patients.

Vermont Supreme Court orders Hermitage Club to arbitration in contract dispute

(This story by Chris Mays was published in the Brattleboro Reformer on June 6, 2017.) DEERFIELD VALLEY — The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled that a contract dispute between the Hermitage Club and Extreme Contracting LLC should be resolved via arbitration rather than litigation. The court wrote: “Notwithstanding the many delays and missteps by defendant’s […]

SCOV Law Blog: When CHINS and criminal cases overlap

A party doesn’t get to keep litigating the same thing over and over if generally all the moving pieces to the matter are the same.

Legal adversary says Donovan raising hurdles to transparency

A state GOP official who is in a protracted court battle over documents says the attorney general is invoking privacy concerns in an attempt to put an improper burden on those seeking records.

SCOV Law Blog: The art of business and insurance policy coverage

A doctor-turned-glassblower claimed $88,000 in loss when his glassblowing studio burned; his insurance company denied most of the claim, arguing that the homeowner’s policy did not cover loss from a business.

Judge tosses portions of suit claiming race bias, illegal search

He dismissed allegations against the Bennington Police Department and its chief, but allowed other claims against the town and two officers to go forward.

Margolis: Democracy needs a little secrecy

We need not know everything the government thought about doing but decided against, or every conversation that went into every decision.

Rock-crushing operation restarts, and so does opposition

The state Supreme Court shut down the work in August. Now the operation at the Rock of Ages quarry in Barre Town has moved to another part of the property, and neighbors are furious.