Vermont Supreme Court

Brigham milestone finds school funding under new pressure

Twenty years after the case that led to a new finance system, the fundamental commitment to equity is being debated as taxpayers look for relief and the governor envisions changes.

Montford Point marine honored in Montpelier

Boone was a member of one of the first groups of black Marines to receive training at Camp LeJeune.

SCOV Law Blog: Appealing a firing

A state employee was fired after it came to light that he had misbehaved as a juror in the Donald Fell murder trial. The VSEA takes up his case.

SCOV Law Blog: Defendant argues affidavit for search warrant unsupported

The warrant apparently turned up some evidence that led to the man’s being charged with a whole basket of meth-related charges.

Nominating board gives Scott eight candidates for high court

The list includes two more names than had been put forward under outgoing Gov. Peter Shumlin, before the process was reopened under the new governor.

SCOV Law Blog: What happens to a post-adoption visitation plan when the adoption falls through?

In this case, a mother had agreed to the termination of parental rights with the understanding that under a post-adoption contact agreement she would be able to see her daughter, who was being adopted by the child’s grandmother.

‘The State of Marriage’ Documentary to be Shown Feb. 10

News Release Jan. 23, 2017 Contact: Stannard Baker, LLC, MA, LCMHC, RPT-S 802-324-7871 Friday, February 10, Cathedral Parish Hall Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Burlington Documentary 6:30 – 8:00 – Panel 8:00 – 8:30 Dessert and beverages Suggested donation $10 Peter Harrigan and Deacon Stan Baker were plaintiffs in the Freedom to Marry Lawsuit […]

Judiciary differs with reform group on alimony changes

While the group Vermont Alimony Reform has lobbied for an overhaul of the state’s statute, a Supreme Court committee recommends smaller changes that don’t tie judges’ hands.

SCOV Law Blog: In the eye of the beholder

A lower court grants summary judgement to a solar company in a suit brought by landowners over the installation of solar arrays near their homes. The landowners appeal, arguing the solar arrays took away from the local rural aesthetic, thus lowering their property values.

Nominating Board reopening applications for high court seat

Gov. Phil Scott’s counsel said Scott hasn’t looked at the list of finalists the board had prepared for his predecessor but wanted to start the process again because of the unusual circumstances.

SCOV Law Blog: A ‘business day’ in jail

If a report is filed and an inmate is put in segregation, there has to be an investigation done and completed within three business days. There has to be a hearing done within four business days.

Scott considers reopening high court nomination process

The Judicial Nominating Board has already interviewed and forwarded six candidates, but that was under the former governor, who was blocked from naming a nominee before leaving office.

SCOV Law Blog: In the name of the court

The Vermont Supreme Court unanimously decided that under our state constitution, the now-former governor could not make an appointment to replace soon-to-be-former Associate Justice Dooley when the latter leaves his position on March 31 of this year.

UPDATED: High court blocks Shumlin from naming new justice

In a unanimous decision, the Vermont Supreme Court ruled that the outgoing governor does not have the authority to fill a future vacancy.