Vermont Supreme Court

Nominating Board reopening applications for high court seat

Gov. Phil Scott’s counsel said Scott hasn’t looked at the list of finalists the board had prepared for his predecessor but wanted to start the process again because of the unusual circumstances.

SCOV Law Blog: A ‘business day’ in jail

If a report is filed and an inmate is put in segregation, there has to be an investigation done and completed within three business days. There has to be a hearing done within four business days.

Scott considers reopening high court nomination process

The Judicial Nominating Board has already interviewed and forwarded six candidates, but that was under the former governor, who was blocked from naming a nominee before leaving office.

SCOV Law Blog: In the name of the court

The Vermont Supreme Court unanimously decided that under our state constitution, the now-former governor could not make an appointment to replace soon-to-be-former Associate Justice Dooley when the latter leaves his position on March 31 of this year.

UPDATED: High court blocks Shumlin from naming new justice

In a unanimous decision, the Vermont Supreme Court ruled that the outgoing governor does not have the authority to fill a future vacancy.

Justices hear challenge to Shumlin on high court appointment

Attorneys sparred over whether the departing governor has the authority to name someone to fill a vacancy that won’t occur until later this year. A decision is expected Wednesday.

2017 Legislative Preview: Medicaid, mental health and Vermont Health Connect

Medicaid spending will once again be a driving factor in a projected $55 million to $75 million budget gap.

SCOV Law Blog: Amending a child custody decision

When the mother who had shared physical custody of an autistic child, decided to move 60 miles away, the father sued for custody.

Senate GOP leader joins challenge to Shumlin high court pick

Because senators confirm judicial appointees, Minority Leader Joe Benning says he has more standing to intercede in the naming of a new Supreme Court justice.

Vermont Supreme Court blocks Shumlin from appointing new high court judge

Rep. Don Turner, who has sued over the matter, asserts that Shumlin does not have authority to appoint Dooley’s successor because his seat on the bench will not be vacant until April.

Supreme Court blocks Shumlin from appointing new high court judge

The Supreme Court issued an order Friday afternoon preventing Gov. Shumlin naming a successor to Justice John Dooley.

SCOV Law Blog: Police union problems

When the Labor Relations Board denies a petition by non-management police seeking separate union representation, the police association appeals.

Republican leader challenges Shumlin on Supreme Court pick

House Minority Leader Don Turner’s filing questions whether there is a vacancy on the court to be filled, given that Justice John Dooley plans to serve through March.

Woman who caused Amber Alert wins appeal on bail issue

The Vermont Supreme Court’s decision hinged on statutory changes enacted in 2010 to reduce the number of inmates by making more people eligible for bail or other conditions of release.