Vermont Superintendents Association

Statement on Health Insurance Negotiations and FY 2018 Budgets

News Release — Vermont School Boards Association and Vermont Superintendents Association June 20, 2017 Contact: Nicole Mace (802) 363-7777 Jeffrey Francis (802) 229-5834 In January, Governor Scott proposed a set of budget initiatives intended to significantly stem the increase in K-12 spending in order to resolve General Fund budget gaps and direct new funds to […]

Ashe’s chief of staff pushed Montpelier School Board to leave associations

Peter Sterling, a board member, called the Vermont School Boards Association and the Vermont Superintendents Association “union busters” that are “pimping” the governor’s proposal.

Vermont NEA: Scott’s statewide health contract is ‘out of Trump’s anti-union playbook’

In a last ditch effort to find Education Fund savings this year, the Scott administration and school boards proposed a statewide health insurance plan for teachers. The union rejected the proposal, as did House and Senate leadership.

House scuttles Scott’s plan for May school budget vote

Scott has presented no Plan B to fix the gap in the general fund and has told lawmakers that if they bring him a budget that increases taxes or fees, or cuts frontline workers, he will veto it.

Income disparity hurting Vermont schools, agency secretary says

The United States has a higher level of income inequality than any other western nation. And in areas where families don’t have the resources to support children, education suffers, a leading expert told Vermont school board members and superintendents at an annual meeting on Thursday. “Achievement is not just about gaps it is also about […]

Jeffrey Francis: On democracy and Act 46

If needed improvements can be accomplished within the current structures, why hasn’t it happened?

Pilot project holds out hope for big gains by struggling students

A Boston consulting firm and its former clients in Vermont say its approach can yield better student achievement for less money. The firm says it has worked with more than 100 school districts in 35 states.

Union official says Shumlin missed opportunity to save money on school health care costs

Joel Cook of the Vermont NEA urged a “go slow” approach to consolidation; Jeff Francis of the Vermont Superintendents Association says education system is “out of balance”; Stephen Dale of the Vermont School Boards Association says there needs to be “some movement toward property tax relief.”

BFA St. Albans senior Thomas Magnan receives scholarship from the Vermont Superintendents Association

Thomas Magnan, a graduating senior at Bellows Free Academy – St. Albans, has been named the 2014 recipient of the Alice Angney Scholarship for Leadersh

Brent Kay, superintendent for the Orange Southwest Supervisory Union, named 2014 Vermont Superintendent of the Year

Brent Kay, Superintendent for the Orange Southwest Supervisory Union (serving the communities of Randolph, Brookfield and Braintree) has been selected as the Vermont Superintendent of the Year for 2014 by the Vermont Superintendents Association (VSA). Dr. Kay was presented with the Frederick H. Tuttle Superintendent of the Year Award at the annual meeting of the Association on May 22, 2014.

Heidi Spear: Drastic reduction in oversight will drive up taxes, not solve spending problems

Massive school governance consolidation without cost benefit analysis or clearly stated goals for expanded opportunities would be a costly step in the wrong direction.

Norm Etkind: Improving school energy management

Far from the one-room schoolhouse heated with a potbelly stove, we rely upon our schools to provide a healthy environment conducive to the educational purpose but also to address a myriad of other societal and educational needs.

Chittenden South superintendent wins statewide recognition

News Release — Vermont Superintendents Association May 28, 2013 Montpelier – Elaine Pinckney, Superintendent for the Chittenden South Supervisory Union (CSSU) has been selected as the 2013 Vermont Superintendent of the Year by the Vermont Superintendents Association (VSA). Pinckney was presented with the Frederick H. Tuttle Superintendent of the Year Award on Thursday, May 23rd […]

Kay & Fredette: A world-class education system

Teachers are no longer purveyors of information and knowledge, but curators, guides and companions. In a world where information is available 24/7, education need no longer be confined to the walls of a classroom.