Vermont NEA

John McClaughry: Seizing the teacher health insurance opportunity

Scott needs to drop his hasty, late in the game proposal to have the state (him) negotiate with the union. Then we should do what we did with teacher retirement in 1946.

Vermont Sierra Club Stands in Solidarity the Vermont-NEA

News Release – Vermont Sierra Club May 18, 2017 Robb Kidd Vermont Chapter Conservation Program Manager 802-505-1540 [email protected] In solidarity with the Vermont National Education Association the Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club released this statement of support: Late in the legislative process, Governor Scott has demanded that health care for all public school teachers […]

Vermont-NEA on Governor’s Teacher Health Plan Proposal

News Release — Vermont-NEA May 17, 2017 Contact: Darren Allen 802.224.2403 (office) 802.839.8618 (mobile) Not So Fast: VEHI Has NOT Confirmed Economic Effects of Governor’s Plan to Gut Collective Bargaining and Upend Local Control Analysis cited this morning by governor’s office has not been reviewed by a VEHI co-trust administrator and once again was done […]

Hundreds of teachers, allies protest Scott’s health care plan

They characterized the plan, which the governor has said would save the state $26 million, as a political ploy to violate their collective bargaining rights.

Unions vs. school boards: Who has upper hand in bargaining?

Local officials feel overmatched by the union’s million-dollar team of strategists. The union says it needs the help to counter the education establishment and practice a fundamental right.

Speaker introduces new teacher health insurance plan into end-of-session mix

Mitzi Johnson says her plan would address concerns about teacher benefits that are holding up adjournment. The Senate president wouldn’t comment, while unions rejected it.

Confused about the debate over teacher health care contracts? Read this explainer

An important feature of the VEHI plans are Health Savings Accounts or Health Reimbursement Accounts that would be used to defray out of pocket costs for teachers.

Scott officials insist statewide teacher health care contract will save money

The tax commissioner said Monday that last week’s House floor debate was filled with “misinformation” about whether savings under the Scott-backed plan were real.

House Speaker casts tie vote killing statewide teacher health care contract

The House voted 74-73 to support Gov. Phil Scott’s plan to sweep up $26 million in health care savings through the creation of a statewide benefit.

House goes down to the wire on teacher health benefit contract

Republicans say they will refuse to suspend the rules if House Speaker Mitzi Johnson doesn’t agree to allow debate on the school tax bill.

House coalition pushes for debate on statewide teacher health care contract proposal

A group of House Republicans, independents and blue dog Democrats support Gov. Phil Scott’s plan to absorb one-time teacher health care savings of $26 million.

Vermont NEA: Scott’s statewide health contract is ‘out of Trump’s anti-union playbook’

In a last ditch effort to find Education Fund savings this year, the Scott administration and school boards proposed a statewide health insurance plan for teachers. The union rejected the proposal, as did House and Senate leadership.

Sanders tells concerned Vermont teachers he’ll fight Trump’s budget

Sen. Bernie Sanders said many of the financial struggles educators and students are facing are the result of the political power of billionaire conservative donors.

Bernie Sanders to Hold Town Hall on Education With Vermont-NEA Members

News Release — Vermont National Education Association March 22, 2017 Contact: Darren Allen 802.224.2403 (office) 802.839.8618 (mobile) Bernie talks with state’s educators during their annual meeting in his only town hall devoted entirely to education issues MONTPELIER – Sen. Bernie Sanders will conduct a town hall-style discussion with members of Vermont-NEA Saturday during the union’s […]