Vermont NEA

Vermont NEA: Scott’s statewide health contract is ‘out of Trump’s anti-union playbook’

In a last ditch effort to find Education Fund savings this year, the Scott administration and school boards proposed a statewide health insurance plan for teachers. The union rejected the proposal, as did House and Senate leadership.

Sanders tells concerned Vermont teachers he’ll fight Trump’s budget

Sen. Bernie Sanders said many of the financial struggles educators and students are facing are the result of the political power of billionaire conservative donors.

Bernie Sanders to Hold Town Hall on Education With Vermont-NEA Members

News Release — Vermont National Education Association March 22, 2017 Contact: Darren Allen 802.224.2403 (office) 802.839.8618 (mobile) Bernie talks with state’s educators during their annual meeting in his only town hall devoted entirely to education issues MONTPELIER – Sen. Bernie Sanders will conduct a town hall-style discussion with members of Vermont-NEA Saturday during the union’s […]

Vermont-NEA Calls on Schools, Superintendents to Continue Protecting Rights of All Students

News Release — Vermont-NEA February 23, 2017 Contact: Darren Allen, Vermont-NEA communications director 802.839.8618 MONTPELIER — Vermont-NEA deplores President Trump’s decision reversing guidance protecting the rights of transgender students from discrimination. The educators’ union notes that the president’s action does not change federal law protecting all students from discrimination, and calls on all Vermont superintendents […]

Health care split sparks fireworks in teacher negotiations statewide

Local unions are insisting that taxpayers cover 95 percent to 100 percent of the price tag; the Scott administration says teachers should pay 20 percent of the cost of premiums.

Vermont NEA: Senate Approval of Expanded Farm-to-School Bill Great News for Vermont’s Students, Farmers and Rural Economy

News Release — Vermont NEA Feb. 14, 2017 Contact: Darren Allen 802.224.2403 (office) 802.839.8618 (mobile) State’s educators know the link between learning and the availability of good, nutritious food MONTPELIER – The Senate’s passage today of an expanded farm-to-school bill is great news for Vermont’s students, farmers, and rural economy, according to the president of […]

Lawmakers seek to bar ‘nuclear option’ in teacher talks

A bill would prohibit strikes while telling school boards they cannot impose contracts.

Vermont-NEA Gives Scott Education Plans an Incomplete

News Release — Vermont-NEA Jan. 24, 2017 Contact: Darren Allen 802.224.2403 (office) 802.839.8618 (mobile) Governor’s vision cannot be achieved by firing educators and crippling communities’ investment in their children MONTPELIER – Gov. Phil Scott’s education proposals will do great harm to Vermont’s local public schools by laying off hundreds of educators, shuttering schools and cutting […]

Nicole Mace: Civil discourse in education

Two issues that challenge the education community’s ability to engage in civil discourse are changes to employee health care plans and revisions to the rules governing independent schools.

Rutland teachers continue to press safety-related issues

An arbitrator is to decide on grievances by two teachers and the union, which claims the district retaliated against staff who complained. The school board disagreed.

Rutland teachers criticize response to injuries from students

The Labor Department has documented numerous incidents of staff being hit, bitten or scratched. The superintendent says the union is mischaracterizing the situation and being unfair to students who have special needs.

Teachers union lawyer will become executive director

Jeff Fannon will take over Jan. 1 for the retiring Joel Cook.

Teachers union warns boards of showdown over health plans

The union says it will charge school districts with unfair labor practices if they don’t maintain the same level of benefits teachers get now while making a transition to new coverage.

Vermont NEA loses seat on teachers health insurance board

The membership of the Vermont Education Health Initiative voted Friday to replace the president of the Vermont NEA with the director of the Vermont School Boards Association.